Bacon Based Tourism Infographic

Needing to get your Bacon on?  Traveling to disparate locations and wondering what kind of bacon can I get here, right now?!  Then consider the infographic Bacon Based Tourism to be your ultimate travel guide. Loaded with handy bacon-related info for most major countries, you’ll know what type of pork to expect in each country, and how to order it like a pro.  Bonus.  Including such information as Bacon in Many Languages, and the Top 10 Pork Producing Countries of 2010, you’re ensured your next vacation won’t fall short.  Let’s face it, no one wants to look like a bacon neophyte when abroad.  Click on the photo for a much larger version.

Bacon Based Tourism Infographic

Silly Doritos Chip Pairing Infographic

I’m not much on Doritos really.  I’m more a chips and salsa guy.  And I like to make my own salsa.  That doesn’t make Doritos a bad thing.  They certainly have their place.  Like the Superbowl.  To that end, Doritos has contrived an infographic pairing guide to show you what Doritos might go well with a particular snack.  A bit silly if not bordering on gross, but it shows a bit of hustle on the Doritos end, if nothing else.  Salsa Verde and a Bud anyone?

Click on the image for a larger size graphic.

Silly Doritos Chip Pairing Infographic

Beautiful Regional Italian Food and Wine Map Paintings

There’s not much to say about these.  They are beautiful and hail from Antoine Corbineau illustration, graphic design and art direction studio.  He does some really incredible work.  Below are some samples from two recent works which show maps of Italy, one has regional food products, the other is regional wine.  Striking and a nifty way to waste a few minutes.  Prints are available off his site.

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Infographic(s) of The Day – All You Ever Wanted To Know About Beer

Beer is no longer mired in malt liquor 40 ounce bottles of Old English or Colt 45.  To be sure there’s nothing wrong with drinking out of a paper bag but thankfully beer has had a bit of a revolution.  Beer pairings and arguments over the merits of Berliner Kindl Weisse or a Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout are more common.  Beer nerds rejoice!  Here’s some lazy day infographics for looking over the many different types of beer, a periodic table of beers (with commercial examples of each type,) and an infographic detailing the history of beer.

The first infographic is brought to us by designer Ben Gibson and book editor Patrick Mulligan.  Consider it a cheat sheet for beer. (Click on the picture for a larger image.)

Infographic of the Day - All You Ever Wanted to Know About Beer

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America’s Test Kitchen Rescues Your Baking With A Nifty Infographic

Ever start baking cookies and wonder what the hell happened?  How did you end up with a mess on your sheet instead of gooey goodness?  Masters of all-things-kitchen America’s Test Kitchen have created this nifty infographic which should get you out of many a baking jam.  Granted, you’ll probably want to familiarize yourself with it before you start putting stuff into the oven, but it’s a great resource to figuring out what went wrong and how to fix it.

For those unfamiliar, America’s Test Kitchen is like the Consumer Reports of cooking.  They’ll do anything, spend anything, and try as many times as necessary to get you the truth.  What’s the best chocolate cake?  How do you make the best burger?  What’s the best spatula out there?  Chances are they know all about it.  It’s not a free service – you’ve got to pay a little bit every year but it’s immensely valuable information and worth every penny.  They’ve got a TV show or two as well which show up here and there on public television, or you can follow that link and watch online.

Are your cookies are running together into one huge sheet?  Maybe your oven isn’t up to temperature yet, or maybe you should stagger the rows on your cookie sheet.  Burning your cookie bottoms all the time?  Throw down some parchment paper before you start baking them.  Check out the infographic below for more help on common baking foibles.

So be brave, fire up the oven, and make you and your loved ones some baked goods this afternoon with the knowledge that if things go wrong you’ll have America’s Test Kitchen on hand to bail you out.America's Test Kitchen Rescues Your Baking