PBS Has A New Series On Food, And It’s Called “Food Forward”

The documentary series Food Forward will be debuting soon on a PBS affiliate near you, sometime in either April or May.  The show aims to “reveal the compelling stories and inspired solutions envisioned by food rebels across America who are striving to create a more just, sustainable and delicious alternative to what we eat and how we produce it.”  Each episode will focus on a major food issue (fishing, farming, processed food, etc) and the people making positive advances in those fields.  Below you’ll see bits from a segment on chef David Kinch and the biodynamic, sustainable farming he does for his Los Gatos, CA restaurant Manresa. Continue reading

Wet Your Ice Cubes To Prevent Soda Fizzing Over

Wet Your Ice Cubes To Prevent Soda Fizzing OverI’m sure you’ve all had the same problem – pour a soda over a glass of ice and it fizzes over like a madman.  Either it takes forever to pour yourself a glass or it goes fizzing all over the counter.  Not the greatest result, either way.  But there’s an easy way to prevent that from happening.  Wet or rinse your ice.  That’s it.  Pour some water over the ice you’re about to use (you can even do it while it’s still in the tray.)  Why does this work?  Dry ice (well not dry ice – but ice that’s not wet) has tons of little crags and crystallized edges.  Those hard points are nucleation points.  Nucleation points make soda fizz.  Wetting them down with water first smooths out the edges.  That gives the soda less to “grab” onto and it won’t flow over.  Cool.

Wet Your Ice Cubes To Prevent Soda Fizzing Over

Anatomy of A Vegan Infographic

Here’s your infographic of the day.  A look at vegans by the numbers, so to speak.  Packed with info, this piece strikes a great balance between education and entertainment.  Based upon a Facebook survey with text provided by the Vegetarian Resource Group, this piece by Advanced Physical Medicine is pretty neat.  I don’t subscribe to the lifestyle personally but I like the ethos.  It’ll be a shame that the very next post after this is going to be an epic meat sandwich that contains two steaks.  Oh dear.

Anatomy of a Vegan Infographic

From the Big House to Your House – A (Woman’s) Prison Cookbook

From the Big House to Your House - A (Woman's) Prison CookbookFrom The Big House To Your House is a new cookbook with about two hundred recipes for you and your family. That is if your family happens to be serving 50 to life.

The cookbook comes to us from female prisoners at the Mountain View Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  All but one are in prison for murder.  Ouch.  Equipped with just a hot-pot (boiling water is considered a weapon and therefore banned), microwave, and limited food items from the commissary, the women recipe-tested items such as Frito pie, peach Habanero salsa, and a faux baked potato made from re-hydrated potato chips.

I’m not so sure about how edible some of the recipes are but the book funds a good cause.  Because they can’t profit from their crimes or incarceration, the book was produced with the help of an inmates mother, who typed the recipes and submitted the manuscript on the women’s behalf to The Justice Institute, a Seattle group that works with convicts who maintain their innocence. The group published the book and now sells it online.  All proceeds benefit The Justice Institute.

For less than $15 this one goes under the category of many of the cars I grew up driving – cheap and cheerful.  It’s a testament to people doing whatever they can to make a bad situation better and doing the best with what they can.  And given that the proceeds benefit freeing innocently jailed folks – it’s also a purchase that can help you sleep a little better at night.  Nice!

Estimate Serving Sizes With Household Objects (Or Your Hands…)

Wanting to maintain your weight and stay healthy?  Sure who doesn’t.  More often than not it’s not so easy figuring out what serving sizes actually are in reference to certain foods.  It can be rather vague and a pain to measure exactly.  Instead of breaking out the scale compare food to real world objects using this handy infographic – courtesy of I’ll Be Skinnier Tomorrow.

Estimate Serving Sizes With Household Objects

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Save The Planet and $1500 A Year – Fridge “Triage” Box Puts An End to Food Waste

Save The Planet and $1500 A Year - Fridge "Triage" BoxWasting food is one of the things that drives me up-a-wall nuts.  I mean it makes my skin crawl.  I inherited this from my mother, I think.  She would, and still is, ashamed when food gets wasted.  I feel likewise.  It’s not a nice feelings knowing that you could have eaten it but somehow missed the mark.  Generally food gets lost in the fridge.  That sounds silly I know, it’s only a few cubic feet of space.  But there are so many bins, compartments, shelves, and cubbies.  It’s hard to keep track of everything.

If you’re like me there’s all manner of stuff in your fridge.  I have reusable containers all over my fridge.  Simple syrup, homemade coffee syrup, veggies, chicken, homemade caramel, cheese, left-overs, desserts, etc…the list goes on and on and on.  It’s stuffed.  I sometimes can’t see a carton of milk that’s in the fridge and go out and buy a duplicate I didn’t need.  That’s a full fridge.  I’ve pared and purged my possessions down to a minimal level at this point.  But my fridge still looks like I’m hanging on to the notion that the world might end tomorrow (and it might – you never know – it would be nice to have a few slices of leftover bacon hanging around if that asteroid slams into the Earth’s crust somewhere – ya know?) Continue reading