Sriracha Popcorn Now Exists For Your Consumption

Sriracha Popcorn Now Exists For Your Consumption

We’re always looking to bring you some sort of Sriracha news.  Any news in that field is simply exciting, if not just plain spicy.  The folks over at The Oatmeal really like their Sriracha.  So much so that they’ve teamed up with J&D’s (purveyor of popcorn among other things) and they’ve teamed up to bring the world Sriracha Popcorn.

It’s not just popcorn with Sriracha dumped over the top, tasty as that might sound – the recipe is a mixture of salt, pepper, garlic, and Sriracha.  And, the label is courtesy of The Oatmeal.  Available at The Oatmeal Shop here.

Paul Quinn College Bans Pork From Cafeteria

Paul Quinn College Bans Pork From Cafeteria

It’s not easy eating well in college.  Late night study sessions.  Binge drinking.  Ramen.  Paul Quinn College, in Texas of all places, is trying to help out their students by banning pork from the school cafeteria, arguing that eating pork can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems, and obesity.

College president, Michael Sorrel, told The Dallas Observer that his students are especially susceptible to these sorts of health problems (Paul Quinn College is historically a black college.)

‘The reality is that our student population comes from demographic that struggles with the type of health concerns that you see in underresourced community.’

Creating a pork-free cafeteria is the latest move to ‘improve the lives and health of our students’, according to a statement from the college.

‘We know there are many negative health consequences of consuming pork (eating pork can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, sodium retention and heart problems, not to mention weight gain and obesity)….


From this semester forward PQC will no longer serve dishes containing pork. That applause you hear in the background is the blood pressure of our students, faculty and staff.’

Pork, such as chops, bacon, and pork belly, are high in saturated fat and cholesterol.  Ham and lunch meat also carry their fair share of fat and calories, as well as nitrates and nitrites as preservative agents, both of which have been linked to cancer.

However, leaner cuts of pork, such as tenderloin, are less calorie dense than chicken and contain similar quantities of fat.

Wendy’s Launches Lobster And Caviar Burgers In Japan

Last year, Wendy’s both left the Japanese market – then relaunched the brand.  Their re-entry to the Japanese market was heralded by the release of a foie gras hamburger.  Things must have gone fairly well for the brand.  They’re now back with a new Lobster Surf & Turf Burger and the Premium Caviar & Lobster sandwich.

Apparently there’s been a record haul for lobster this season, which has drastically reduced prices on the meat.  Sensing a deal, Wendy’s is offering both of these sandwiches for ¥1,280 (which works out to a tad below $16.50.)Wendy's Launches Lobster And Caviar Burgers In Japan

The Lobster & Caviar sandwich (seen on the left in the photo above) includes both claw meat and lobster salad, topped with a mustard mayonnaise and sprinkled with caviar!  The Surf & Turf Burger is Wendy’s take on the classic dish: one of their square Wendy’s burgers topped with whole pieces of said cheap Canadian lobster.  On an Atkins kick?  There is also an Ocean Premium Salad, which contains both whole lobster chunks and lobster salad which will set you back ¥1,580 yen (a few pennies more than $20.)

The World’s Most Expensive Jell-O…Robot

The World's Most Expensive Jell-O...RobotWhile I’m inded home typing this after a 16 hour day, that isn’t a typo.  You’re really reading about the world’s most expensive Jell-O robot.  I also imagine this could have been titled “The World’s Only Jell-O Robot.”  It’s a marketing ploy.  And from a somewhat unlikely source.  In an effort to promote their new Xperia mobile phone, Sony has teamed with Bompas & Parr for some unlikely art inspired by director Wes Anderson’s Made of Imagination ads.The World's Most Expensive Jell-O...Robot

Bompas & Parr are no stranger to oddness.  They’ve created some other “edible oddities” – more notably a boating lake made from sweetener.  They’ve made some very expensive jellied robots and hidden them around the UK.  Why are they so expensive?  Besides being made of uber-expensive jelly, the ‘Xperiabots’ are stuffed with some random sillyness, to include golden “gears”, white truffle “valves”, and gemstones for eyes. They’re said to be worth just shy of $10,000 (about 6,000 pounds.)  Three were set loose about England waiting to be found.  Two have been claimed, one is still on the loose in Manchester as of this post.  The lucky folks who find them get to keep them.

It’s part of a larger campaign, where street art and posters shaped like the robots can be claimed for prizes.  The grand prize is clearly these expensive somewhat edible robots.  If you’re at all curious about the ad campaign you can check out the video that inspired it below.

Take Your Food Obsession To A New Level – Print a Postcard That Smells Like Your Meal

Take Your Food Obsession To A New Level - Print a Postcard That Smells Like Your MealTaking pictures of the meal you’re about to eat has become common occurrence. I’ve snapped plenty of pictures, either so I can try to recreate it later, crib an idea, or just make someone jealous. China-based Zhu Jingxuan, a student from Donghua University’s Fashion & Art Design Institute, has something that could take that quite a few steps further. She’s created a proof of concept device that both captures pictures and aromas of food and prints them on a postcard.

Take Your Food Obsession To A New Level - Print a Postcard That Smells Like Your MealThe ‘food printer’ melds camera, a smell extractor and printer. The camera takes the picture of the food – the smell extractor collects the smell – and the printer makes a postcard with aromatic ink. The food printer was created as part of Sony’s Student Design Workshop.Take Your Food Obsession To A New Level - Print a Postcard That Smells Like Your Meal

In an interview with China Daily Ms. Jingxuan said: “I spent several months designing it. What I completed was just an idea and draft sketch. Without the help of Sony’s designers, I could not have made the model.”

- via Design Taxi -

Competitive Eater Furious Pete Takes The Michael Phelps Dietary Challenge – 12,000 Calories In One Sitting

Competitive Eater Furious Pete Takes The Michael Phelps Dietary Challenge - 12,000 Calories In One Sitting

You’ve no doubt noticed that the Olympics are currently on, even if the coverage is horribly delayed on our US airwaves.  You may have also noticed that Michael Phelps has won an awful lot of medals.  During an interview he revealed that his training diet consists of 12,000+ calories per day.  That’s the better part of a weeks worth of food for most of us.  He packs that into 24 hours.  Furious Pete is a competitive eater.  He saw that as a challenge.  If only competitive eater were an Olympic sport.

So then, this is one man – eating 12,300 calories in one half hour sitting.  It’s been edited down to a few minutes – you can imagine watching someone eating for half an hour would be about as entertaining as a spinal tap.  Check out the video below.

- via Blame It On The Voices -