San Francisco’s Zog’s Dogs Sends A Hot Dog To Outer Space….And Back

San Francisco's Zog's Dogs Sends A Hot Dog To Outer Space....And Back

San Francisco’s Zog’s Dogs recently teamed up with a group of engineers and did what any self-respecting hot dog purveyor dreams of doing.  They went to space.  Well one of their hot dogs did.  And back.  Armed with a camera, a balloon, and a stout GPS system; a hot dog was launched into space and retrieved by the Zog’s Dogs crew.  They even took a bite out of said astronaut dog.  We only wonder if they named it Laika.

Check out the video below.  To celebrate the momentous launch and re-entry of their interplanetary meat in tube form, Zog’s Dogs is offering a special Space Dog Combo: a Zog Dog with Astronaut Ice Cream for dessert – all for $5.  A cosmic deal.

Alabama Resident Zackary Dexter Pace – Accused Of Being Possibly World’s Stupidest Robber

Alabama Resident Zackary Dexter Pace - Accused Of Being Possibly World's Stupidest Robber

Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies say report that this 24-year-old employee at Jack’s restaurant in Alabama finished his shift Friday and left work.  Nothing wrong with that.  Sadly, minutes later, he returned with a mask, wielded a gun, and demanded money.

Trouble is, his efforts at disguising himself were so poor that several employees recognized him.  They initially thought he was joking.  He wasn’t.  He robbed the restaurant, taking with him an undisclosed amount of cash.  After he left, the manager called 911 and reported the holdup.

It took restaurant worker Yaneth Ardon just seconds to recognize Pace.

‘I was like, ”is this a joke, is he playing or something,”’ Ardon said.


‘When I heard him talk and I was like, ”that is him”, but then I saw him with a gun and I was like, ”why is he doing this?’’’

“Apparently he needs to work on that disguise a little,” said Chief Deputy Randy Christian.

Sensing that, perhaps he hadn’t bungled the robbery enough, authorities said the robbery suspect showed up Monday to visit with co-workers.  That coincided with a visit from a sheriff’s detective who was there doing employee interviews about the robberies.

The 24-year-old criminal mastermind is currently in jail and is expected to be charged with first-degree robbery.

This Is Just Nacho Day – Mexican Restaurant Infects 200 With Norovirus

This Is Just Nacho Day - Mexican Restaurant Infects 200 With Norovirus

I Am Norovirus

Last week Margarita’s Restaurant in Holland Michigan sickened at least 200 people with Norovirus infections.  The outbreak started on Thursday of last week and by the end of this week the illnesses had been linked to the restaurant.

Symptoms of Norovirus infection, which include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, low-grade fever and chills usually appear about 24-48 hours after exposure and last a day or two.
Lauren Mast shared her story with MLive:


“The food tasted really good – I didn’t think anything was wrong with the food,” Mast said. …


“I’m not mad about it. I don’t blame it on them,” she said of the restaurant. “They probably just forgot to wash their hands or something.”

Local ABC affiliate WZZM 13 spoke with owner Alonzo Salinas, who said the restaurant remained closed last weekend for a thorough cleaning:

“It’s very emotionally draining just because we’re a family owned, family operated restaurant that has worked really hard at gaining the respect of our community,” said owner Alonzo Salinas. “My hopes would be that we could still continue to maintain that integrity of being one of the best Mexican restaurants here in Holland.”

Infographic Of The Day – Americans Are Fat

Here’s a surprise.  Americans eat too much.  Giant portions, giant sodas, and giant asses.  This new infographic tries to put all that in perspective.  Comparing U.S. serving sizes from today with those of 20 years ago is fairly revealing.  Portions have at least doubled since 1992, sometimes expanding by 400%.  That’s a lot of expansion.  The chart also compares portions between the U.S. and the rest of the world.  Where you aware that people gain weight just by moving here?  Makes sense.  The study mentions a group of Tarahumara Indians (the guys who run bare foot for hundreds of miles) who gained nearly 10 pounds in five weeks after adopting the American diet.

Give the whole infographic a gander – as usual click on the picture for a larger image: Continue reading

Sarah Palin Weighs In On Chick-fil-A: Gives A Solid ‘Cluck You’ To Marriage Equality

Sarah Palin Weighs In On Chick-fil-A: Gives A Solid 'Cluck You' To Marriage Equality

It seems Monday has become Chick-fil-A news day.  Sarah Palin has decided to weigh in on the Chick-fil-A “Guilty as charged” debate.  She posted a tweet and Facebook photo showing her support for what she called “a great business.”

She popped the following message up on Twitter and Facebook:

Stopped by Chick-fil-A in The Woodlands to support a great business.

Palin also posted a photo to her Facebook page, giving a thumbs up as she and her husband hold Chick-fil-A bags.

The now highly politicized controversy began when Chick-fil-A COO and President Dan Cathy recently answered a question about his franchise’s “support of the traditional family.”

“Well, guilty as charged,” Cathy said.

Everyone one from Senators, late night TV show hosts, mayors and representatives from large metropolitan areas, to the usual sprawling arguments on Facebook and Twitter have felt the need to join the fray on one side or another.

Chick-Fil-A Vice President Of Corporate Public Relations, Donald A. Perry, Dies

Chick-Fil-A Vice President Of Corporate Public Relations, Donald A. Perry, DiesChick-fil-A can’t seem to keep itself out of the news as of late.  Whatever else is going on, some sad news for the corporate family as the VP of Corporate Public Relations, Donald A. Perry, died of a heart attack on Friday morning, Columbus Georgia’s WRBL News 3 reports.  The company confirmed the report in a statement to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

We are saddened to report the news to you that our dear friend Don Perry, vice president of public relations, passed away suddenly this morning.


Don was a member of our Chick-fil-A family for nearly 29 years. For many of you in the media, he was the spokesperson for Chick-fil-A. He was a well-respected and well-liked media executive in the Atlanta and University of Georgia communities, and we will all miss him.


Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Mr. Perry had been dealing with the recent backlash surrounding Chief Operating Officer Dan Cathy reply – “Well, guilty as charged,” when asked if his company had an established position against marriage equality.  There have been protests outside of stores, politicians threatening to ban the company from cities (most notably Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco), and negative media attention from the likes of The Daily Show, The Onion, and most recently The Colbert Report.

While we here strongly disagree with Chick-fil-A’s policies and political beliefs, we don’t like to hear news of anyone passing away.