Forgot That Wine You Really Liked? – Delectable Has An App For That

Forgot That Wine You Really Liked? - Delectable Has An App For That

Every drink a bottle of wine and think, “Hey – I really like this!” – but by the time you’re ready to buy another bottle the old one’s in the recycling and you can’t remember what the hell it was?  Guilty.  Delectable is here to help.

If you don’t have an iPhone you’re currently out of luck.  I have one so that’s really all that matters.  One imagines an Android version can’t be far behind.  If you’re currently iPhone enabled, snap a picture with your phone and the folks at Delectable will help you find that wine again later, evening arranging shipping right to your door.  It’ll also keep track of your wine preferences.

Delectable makes it easy to remember wines you love, have them again, learn about your taste in wine. Just take a picture of a wine, and relax while Delectable does the rest.

Forgot That Wine You Really Liked? - Delectable Has An App For That

One Trip Grip – Carry More Plastic Groceries Bags (If You Don’t Already Use Cloth)

One Trip Grip - Carry More Plastic Groceries Bags (If You Don't Already Use Cloth)

I don’t know about you but I’m generally wont to make only one trip from the car after a supermarket run.  Now that I live across the street from the market itself, not such a big deal.  In suburbia I used to go once a week or even week and a half.  My fingers and hands would take an hour to recover after grabbing every single bag and struggling inside.  I’m not sure what it is about making two trips.  I’m not into it.  I also have to admit this whole problem went away after I started using cloth bags.  They carry more and you can hang them off yourself in 20 different directions.  So I’d head this under great idea, 15 years too late.  But if you’re still rocking plastic bags (dog walker’s unite) here’s something cheap that can save your hands from blood starvation. Continue reading

The Fold Flat Grill

Often objects that are incredibly useful or intelligently engineered are often beautiful because of they are so well engineered.  It’s just a by-product.  Think Egmont Arens and the KitchenAid mixer he designed, or an Eames chair, or the lowly Sweepmaster Bissel.  This thing heads in the same direction.  Smart – like “why didn’t I think of that” – smart.

For $80 at the The Awesomer, check out the ultimate portability and form meets function with The Fold Flat Grill.  Made from durable 304 stainless steel, the grill provides a 17 1/2″ x 13″ cooking area for those appreciating al fresco grilling.  And at less than 1″ thick when folded, you can stack it up with the folding chairs and carry this around for maximum portability.  This thing could open up a lot of options at the beach, out on the trail, or in the parking lot outside the next game.

Estimate Serving Sizes With Household Objects (Or Your Hands…)

Wanting to maintain your weight and stay healthy?  Sure who doesn’t.  More often than not it’s not so easy figuring out what serving sizes actually are in reference to certain foods.  It can be rather vague and a pain to measure exactly.  Instead of breaking out the scale compare food to real world objects using this handy infographic – courtesy of I’ll Be Skinnier Tomorrow.

Estimate Serving Sizes With Household Objects

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