Asparagus Soup

Asparagus SoupI almost always buy asparagus when I’m in a supermarket.  We eat a ton of it.  It’s hugely healthy and we think it’s mighty tasty.  It’s heart healthy and hugely full of folic acid.  You might ask – who gives two *@$#’s for folic acid.  Well, folic acid is plays an important role in heart health and in preventing Alzheimer’s – according to some research.  Patients who die of Alzheimer’s Disease have little or no folic acid in their system.  Reason enough to stock up then. Continue reading

Sous Vide Dinner #2 – Pork, Wild Rice, and Steamed Cauliflower

Sous Vide Dinner #2 - Pork, Wild Rice, and Cauliflower

I was oh-so happy with the results of my first sous vide experimentation.  It was easy, my steak was unbelievably good, and far more tender than any steak I’ve ever had before.  Figuring that things went so well the first time I’d better get cracking and see what else I could accomplish with this fantastic new (to me) cooking method.

Pork chops are another food that often leaves me wondering what the hell I was thinking.  Part of the problem is that most people over-cook pork to the point of ruination.  Pork doesn’t need to be cooked to 165 or 170 degrees.  That used to be the FDA’s safe cooking temperature.  Cooked to that point, you’d be better off just eating a chunk of your gardening gloves, such is the texture. Continue reading

Spicy Rice and Veggies

Spicy Rice and Veggies

After our little epic cross-country jaunt we were both in the mood for something not made in a fryolator.  I am floating in grease.  I leave slicks behind me wherever I walk.  Between Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, the revenge of road food, and sitting on my duff for 3000 miles, we both need to be eating like rabbits.  Veggies and rice it is.  This is technically fried rice but it uses so little oil that I hesitate to call it that.

This afternoon we made a trip to a supermarket in Seattle (actually Shoreline if I’m being honest) that we’re both in love with.  Central Market is one of those gems that you stumble upon and realize how lucky you are to be anywhere close by.  I went in on a whim when we first moved out here and we’ve been solid customers since.  It’s a huge supermarket which has a killer produce section.  It’s got everything and it’s spacious.  Produce sections in most supermarkets are too busy.  So busy that they should be placed approximately several blocks down the street.  There’s nothing worse than elbowing for room around the broccoli with 1400 other people and whacking into carts and carriages shaped like whales and sports cars with screaming children running every which way.  Ugly.  It’s not like that at Central Market.  There’s a zen peacefulness to the whole affair here.  Things are organized, there’s absolutely EVERYTHING under the sun.  And it’s all fresh and screams of quality. Continue reading