Check Out ‘Mixologist,’ a Rap Parody Of The Cocktail Scene

Check Out 'Mixologist,' a Rap Parody Of The Cocktail Scene

Fog and Smog rolled out their new “rap” parody, one that parodies the current trend that sees bartenders becoming mixologists and a good $6 drink costing $20.  It’s certainly worth a watch.  If you’re not geeky enough to pause and check out the fake drinks that are on the menu, we’ll recap them for you.  Because we have nothing but time.

· The Avon Barksdale: Hennessy, soda, free range heroin foam
· A Wilson’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Single mash Gatorade, bitters, Smirnoff ice, human tears
· Moist Yoga Mat: Hemp vodka, 12 year kombucha, wheatgrass with a coconut water back
· Hyphy Hangover: Grape 4 Loko, Peychaud bitters, thizz face
· Chewbacca’s Jacuzzi: Kashyyyk champagne, muddled slim jim, carbonite rinse

Check out the video below.  If you’re curious, it was shot at LA bar La Descarga (which means “after the party.”)  Think a too-cool-for-the-room pre-Castro Havana vibe, very cramped a super small footprint, burlesque dancers, $20 cocktails with shaved ice, cigars, and lots of expensive rum and you’ve got the idea.  So just like the video then.

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Thoroughly Hipster PBR Beer Coozie

Thoroughly Hipster PBR Beer CoozieAh PBR.  A beer that was once reserved for high school parties and those looking for a cheap buzz, now made hip by the scenester crowd.  Cuz it’s cool to pay $4 for a $1.50 can of beer.  Look at me, I’m ironic AND tough.  Perhaps you actually enjoy PBR.  That doesn’t make you a bad person.  If you’re riding around on a fixed gear bike through Williamsburg, sporting ironically awful tattoos and a terrible mustache while rocking out to Bright Eyes, this beer coozie could be right up your alley.  Scenesters rejoice!  For the rest of us it’s a good way to hide the fact that you’re drinking a laxative flavored like beer.

Thoroughly Hipster PBR Beer Coozie

Created by Etsy member armsandink, the coozie is made from crafting fur (not real hipster fur,) and will add some much-needed beard to any party.  It even has a mouth hole to proudly show off your ironic choice of beer.

Thoroughly Hipster PBR Beer Coozie