Holy Guacamole! – Easy Appetizer Or Snack


Holy Guacamole

I decided to put my finger on a hot burner this afternoon because I thought it was off.  It was not.  I had put the wrong burner on (as I often do with the stove top in our new place – poor markings and I think the dials are opposite our old stove top.)  It was hot enough to leave parts of my fingerprint seared into the burner. A good reminder the not to do that again, as if I needed one.  I am typing with a large band-aid over the top of my finger because I am an asshole.  Just saying.  I also managed to melt part of a plastic bag into the same burner the night previous for exactly the same reason.  I turned the wrong burner on.  That took several minutes of stepped heating and scraping and keeping the hood on to burn/melt/smoke most of it off.  Holy Guacamole

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