San Francisco’s Zog’s Dogs Sends A Hot Dog To Outer Space….And Back

San Francisco's Zog's Dogs Sends A Hot Dog To Outer Space....And Back

San Francisco’s Zog’s Dogs recently teamed up with a group of engineers and did what any self-respecting hot dog purveyor dreams of doing.  They went to space.  Well one of their hot dogs did.  And back.  Armed with a camera, a balloon, and a stout GPS system; a hot dog was launched into space and retrieved by the Zog’s Dogs crew.  They even took a bite out of said astronaut dog.  We only wonder if they named it Laika.

Check out the video below.  To celebrate the momentous launch and re-entry of their interplanetary meat in tube form, Zog’s Dogs is offering a special Space Dog Combo: a Zog Dog with Astronaut Ice Cream for dessert – all for $5.  A cosmic deal.

That’s One Fancy Hot Dog – Or Dog Wellington

Dog Wellington

In the vein of either making a much cheaper Beef Wellington or making one very fancy hot dog, we decided to morph the whole puff pastry beef thing into a very fancy not-so-corn-dog.  I like hot dogs a lot.  Who doesn’t like meat in tube form?  Sausage, street food, hot dogs, they’re all great.  Meat in tube form is the basis of some of greatest stuff on earth.  Team that with a nice duxelles, just like we made in the Beef Wellington recipe, maybe some Foie Gras (if you had it around, I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy some for a silly hot dog), and some puff pastry.  Simple then.  And tasty.  How can you deny the draw of meat in tube form wrapped in puff pastry.  That in itself should be sending you out to the supermarket at this very moment! Continue reading