Ridiculous UK Ice Cream Truck War Caught On Video

Ridiculous UK Ice Cream Truck War Caught On VideoHere’s something you’re guaranteed not to see everyday.  Here are two ice cream truck drivers, Mohammed “Mr. Whippy” Mulla and Zeheer “Mr. Yummy” Ramzan.  Sounds pleasant enough.  Unfortunately you’ll notice they’ve wrung themselves into an all out turf war over parking spots in Blackburn, England.  There’s swearing (of course), accusations of using powdered ice cream (for shame!),  flying tire irons, and a bit of an accident before the whole thing was said and done.  Quite the kerfuffle.

One of the witnesses said:

“My little sister came out to grab an ice cream and that’s when it all just kicked off.  One of the ice cream men was saying come and buy it from me, ‘I’ll sell it cheaper’. That’s when the trouble started.  They were swearing and everything. My little sister was upset. To be honest it all seemed very silly.”

Another bystander/witness told the Lancashire Telegraph, “I couldn’t believe it when Mr Yummy jumped out of his van and smashed Mr Whippy’s window, you just don’t expect that around here.”  Indeed, thankfully someone had a camera handy and caught all the hijinks on film.