What Your Style of Eggs Say About You

What Your Style of Eggs Say About You

What Your Style of Eggs Say About You by Bite.ca.  Not much to say but we’ll let it speak for itself.  Either you’re laughing or quietly brooding about something this may have revealed.  Enjoy your day.  And your eggs.

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Infographic of the Day – Fancy Foods Are Frauds

Infographic of the Day - Fancy Foods Are Frauds

We did a little work pointing out the “fake food” that is Kobe Beef in the US.  Boy did I get a few nasty emails from beef producers here in the States who just didn’t get it.  At all.  How about reading the article before sending out bulk responses?  Now here’s a few more things you can get angry about.  Frugal Dad put together this infographic which outlines the deceptive labeling and claims on a few more “luxury items.” Nothing new here, but it’s in a pretty package and it’s easy to digest.  Nice.  Click on the pic below for a larger version.

Infographic of the Day - Fancy Foods Are Frauds

These 10 Companies Control Most (Well Almost) Everything You Buy

While on my little vacation in the warm and sunny climes of Las Vegas I decided it would a neat idea to throw myself off the top of the Stratosphere.  Let me explain that a bit, lest you think I have a death wish.  The Stratosphere is an 1149 foot tall tower, the 9th tallest freestanding structure in the US.  That’s tall.  In 2010 they installed a ride called SkyJump.  They harness you to an enormous cable that’s hooked to a very large spool.  You jump.  And fall.  855 feet.  It’s not quite a free-fall, the cable sees to that.  It is however, horrifying.  I have a terrible, paralyzing fear of heights.  This was an attempt to scare myself out of that. Not sure how that worked out but when’s the next time I can honestly say I jumped off a building?

After that we wandered Freemont Street a bit and then made our way home.  On the way home we were looking for somewhere to stop for razors and Wal-Mart came into view.  We were all fairly on board that we weren’t interested in stopping there because it’s a terrible corporation.  That lead to an enormous drawn on discussion on what company owns what, who we won’t buy from – on and on.  In my searching last night I came across this infographic which nicely details ownership of brands.

A huge majority of major brands are controlled by just 10 multinationals.  A French blog Convergence Alimentaire put the infographic together.  While the information is slightly out of date (Pringles was sold to Kellogg’s in February) it’s quite eye-opening.  It’s also very nicely produced.  Check out the image below – click on the picture to get the full size version.  (We’d hope that many of you reading are buying outside the box, as it were, but some of this stuff is just impossible to avoid purchasing.)

Think that trend is limited to just food?  Nope.  Six companies control over 90 percent of media outlets.  There were 50 in 1983.  Automobile and truck manufacturers?  VW owns thirteen brands worldwide.  The rest of industry is equally tied together.  How about your money?  Mother Jones reported that 37 banks merged into four in just about two decades. While I’m sure corporations would love to expound on the virtues of economies of scale, the truth is that less competition and more of the products you buy day in and day out come from fewer and fewer sources.

We Love Ramen – Everything You Needed To Know About Ramen Infographic

We Love Ramen - Everything You Needed To Know About Ramen Infographic

Ramen has been a staple in college cuisine for quite some time now.  It’s been voted the best invention of 20th century Japan – by the Japanese.  It’s because of how inexpensive and edible it is.  35 cents, tasty, salty, and damn quick.  What’s not to like?  Ramen can also be quite filling if you do your own thing (adding veggies, meat, eggs, etc…) with it.  Enter the Hack College Ramen Inforgraphic, exploring all that is their love of Ramen.  Click below for a bigger pic.

We Love Ramen - Everything You Needed To Know About Ramen Infographic

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Anatomy of A Vegan Infographic

Here’s your infographic of the day.  A look at vegans by the numbers, so to speak.  Packed with info, this piece strikes a great balance between education and entertainment.  Based upon a Facebook survey with text provided by the Vegetarian Resource Group, this piece by Advanced Physical Medicine is pretty neat.  I don’t subscribe to the lifestyle personally but I like the ethos.  It’ll be a shame that the very next post after this is going to be an epic meat sandwich that contains two steaks.  Oh dear.

Anatomy of a Vegan Infographic

Cooks Country “Cakes Throughout History” Infographic

I love the people at America’s Test Kitchen.  Cooks Country is one of their spinoffs.  Check out the cool Cakes Throughout History Inforgraphic they put together below – click on the image for a larger version.  There’s also some random information inserted for your “useless information” pleasure – like the origination of celery as a garnish for a Bloody Mary – definitely cake unrelated.

Cooks Country "Cakes Throughout History" Infographic