Infographic of the Day – Fancy Foods Are Frauds

Infographic of the Day - Fancy Foods Are Frauds

We did a little work pointing out the “fake food” that is Kobe Beef in the US.  Boy did I get a few nasty emails from beef producers here in the States who just didn’t get it.  At all.  How about reading the article before sending out bulk responses?  Now here’s a few more things you can get angry about.  Frugal Dad put together this infographic which outlines the deceptive labeling and claims on a few more “luxury items.” Nothing new here, but it’s in a pretty package and it’s easy to digest.  Nice.  Click on the pic below for a larger version.

Infographic of the Day - Fancy Foods Are Frauds

That Kobe Beef You’re Eating….It’s Not Kobe Beef (Unless You’re In Japan)

That Kobe Beef You're Eating....It's Not Kobe Beef (Unless You're In Japan)

I’m on vacation, sort of.  Visiting some family in Las Vegas.  I was rambling through the strip the other day and stopped to lose five dollars in a penny slot machine.  That’s about my tolerance for gambling.  What does that have to do with Kobe beef?  I’m getting there…

I was playing a machine on the edge of a walkway in the Wynn.  I have some misguided sense that perhaps the machines closest to the floor traffic might pay out better.  They don’t.  I am fully aware of this.  I still try to force the issue.  I had just about finished losing my five bucks when a very unhappy older gentleman came walking my way, wife in tow.

“Do you like sushi?”

When I answered affirmative he handed me a card. Continue reading