This Is A Pizza Vending Machine

This Is A Pizza Vending MachineSometimes you need pizza now.  Not Domino’s now.  Like now – now.  A half hour can be long time.  If your standards aren’t particularly high and you’ve got a few minutes Let’s Pizza could be your answer.  Like Red Box, only somewhat tastier.  Pop a few dollars in one slot and you’ll get a hot pizza through another in two and a half minutes.  I have to wonder how tasty something shooting out a vending machine is going to be.  I was viciously attacked by a vending machine burrito in the wilds of America some time ago and haven’t quite learned to trust hot vending machine “edibles” since.

The machines have proven to be quite a success in Europe.  So much so that they will be emigrating to the U.S. shortly.  Look for them at your local strip mall, college campus, or convenience store in the near future.  If you’re wondering what it’s all about, check out the video below.