Apple Sliced Sold In McDonald’s, Burger King, Wawa, and Wegman’s Recalled Over Listeria Contamination Risk

Apple Sliced Sold In McDonald's, Burger King, Wawa, and Wegman's Recalled Over Listeria Contamination RiskSliced apples distributed to fast-food and grocery chains across the country are being recalled due to possible Listeria contamination.  There have been no reported illnesses, however Listeria was discovered on processing equipment used by Missa Bay LLC, a division of Ready Pac Foods of New Jersey.

Among the items recalled were apple slices distributed to McDonald’s and Burger King in some states packaged fruit, veggies, salads and sandwiches containing apples distributed to Wawa convenience store and Wegman’s grocery chains, and various apple and fruit snacks with “Ready Pac” labels or “Safeway Farms” labels.  Items recalled have use-by dates of July 8 through Aug. 20.  Any items within the effected date should be discarded.

Symptoms in people besides pregnant women can include fever and muscle aches, headache, stiff neck, confusion, loss of balance and convulsions.  Listeria is especially harmful to pregnant women, as it can lead to miscarriages.