A Quick and Easy Mac & Cheese (You’ll Never Go Back To Kraft)

A Quick and Easy Mac & Cheese (You'll Never Go Back to Kraft)

I never grew up with mac and cheese.  My mother wasn’t an orange cheese kind of person, by extension neither am I.  Kraft mac and cheese isn’t my kind of thing.  I often find that’s the kind of thing you love if you grew up with it.  I can’t put it in my mouth.

My other half introduced me to home-made mac and cheese, previous to that my only exposure was Annie’s Mac & Cheese.  They make a killer cheddar mac and cheese and that’s pretty much the jumping off point for this recipe.  This recipe can be made with any manner of pasta.  This particular time we made it with egg noodles but we more often make it with a mini penne or ziti type pasta.  You can use whatever you like for the most part.  Those shapes that hold onto cheese more effectively are quite obviously more desirable. Continue reading