Easy Calzones – (Pizza in Ball Format)

Easy Calzones - (Pizza in Ball Format)So this week we’ve got a house guest (or a room guest more accurately – given the size of our place) and we’ve been doing a lot of eating out.  Tonight we had some sushi and wandered around a few of the great local markets.  Home and safely ensconced in our warm little abode thoughts ran to what we might like for dinner/late night snack.  Pizza was an idea but then I thought – I’ve already done pizza – what the hell else can I make that we like – that’s easy – tasty – and quick.  Calzones!  That’s what.  I like me a calzone, and a simple one at that.  It needn’t be stuffed with chicken or meats and peppers and all manner of things.  How about some dough, cheese, and sauce.  That sounds mighty tasty all by itself.  So let’s get to it.

I started with my usual pizza dough recipe.  I even cribbed some of the text right from that post – you know because I’m lazy: Continue reading