Bubble and Squeak Recipe – Anglophile’s Rejoice!!

Bubble and Squeak Recipe - Anglophile's Rejoice!!I’m sure I’ve professed the horrible affliction that is my attraction to anything British.  TV, movies, automobiles, WWII era stuff – it’s all in there. I’m sure I should have been alive during WWII living in England somewhere.  British food is less exciting, if only because it’s often fairly bland.  It’s less exciting than their automobiles – the lead electrical supplier for automotive electrical equipment in Britain used to be Lucas Electrics.  So disastrous is the reputation (deservedly so) for anything bearing the Lucas name - Lord Lucas is known as “The Prince of Darkness.”Bubble and Squeak Recipe - Anglophile's Rejoice!!

Often in one TV show or another someone will reference bubble and squeak.  Sounds a bit odd I know.  I didn’t investigate until I watched an episode of Two Fat Ladies some time ago (it’s a cooking show and if you haven’t watched before it’s worth checking out.)  As the title probably gives away – there are two ladies.  And they are fat.  They mentioned bubble and squeak and I figured if they brought it up – it’s got to be pretty good. Continue reading

Meyer Lemon and Rosemary Salt Roasted Potatoes

Meyer Lemon and Rosemary Salt Roasted PotatoesI have a professed love for starch.  Not much of a surprise.  Bread, potatoes…anything starchy really, I’m in.  These potatoes are fairly on the out of control level.  They take a while to cook, twice even, but the lemon thing is really mellow and they actually caramelize really really nicely (the lemons – not the potatoes.)  They are one of those things that might take a little while, but you can walk away and do something else for almost the whole time they’re doing their thing.  Bonus! Continue reading