Simply Roasted Moist and Tasty Whole Chicken

Simply Roasted ChickenPoorly cooked chicken makes me want to throw furniture.  Really.  Dry chicken should be a crime, like the Hague should investigate.  It’s not hard to make truly moist and tasty chicken.  But it’s amazing the number of times I’ve been subject to a dry piece of meat foisted upon me.  Unfortunate at best.

I try to make a whole chicken whenever I have a recipe that’s chicken based.  There’s a few reasons for that.  First, it’s cheaper.  Buying a whole chicken and cooking it, then breaking it down, always makes for meat for everyone dollar for dollar.  Second, I get to make some homemade chicken stock.  I’m always happy to be presented with a carcass.  What’s better than free chicken stock.  And thirdly, it’s always more moist and more tasty when you make a whole bird.  Well that’s my take at least.  I can buy a free range four pound bird for six bucks.  That’s cheap eats.  No way around it.  It’s also incredibly easy to make.  And I have never screwed up a little bird, ever.  Even a little over-cooked and they are just dripping moisture.  I can’t imagine what people do to these when they present something that’s sawdust dry.  What gives? Continue reading