Save The Planet and $1500 A Year – Fridge “Triage” Box Puts An End to Food Waste

Save The Planet and $1500 A Year - Fridge "Triage" BoxWasting food is one of the things that drives me up-a-wall nuts.  I mean it makes my skin crawl.  I inherited this from my mother, I think.  She would, and still is, ashamed when food gets wasted.  I feel likewise.  It’s not a nice feelings knowing that you could have eaten it but somehow missed the mark.  Generally food gets lost in the fridge.  That sounds silly I know, it’s only a few cubic feet of space.  But there are so many bins, compartments, shelves, and cubbies.  It’s hard to keep track of everything.

If you’re like me there’s all manner of stuff in your fridge.  I have reusable containers all over my fridge.  Simple syrup, homemade coffee syrup, veggies, chicken, homemade caramel, cheese, left-overs, desserts, etc…the list goes on and on and on.  It’s stuffed.  I sometimes can’t see a carton of milk that’s in the fridge and go out and buy a duplicate I didn’t need.  That’s a full fridge.  I’ve pared and purged my possessions down to a minimal level at this point.  But my fridge still looks like I’m hanging on to the notion that the world might end tomorrow (and it might – you never know – it would be nice to have a few slices of leftover bacon hanging around if that asteroid slams into the Earth’s crust somewhere – ya know?) Continue reading

Should I Buy Organic? Or Veggies with the Highest and Lowest Concentrations of Pesticides.

Should I Buy Organic?  Or Veggies with the Highest and Lowest Concentrations of Pesticides.

Twenty years ago it was hard to get some vegetables out of season, or at all for that matter.  If you wanted a tomato, what was there was what you got.  Now any supermarket has a selection of organic, conventional, heirloom, on-the-vine, on and on.  Most fruits and vegetables are that way now, there’s a choice.  If you’re fearing pesticides and contamination you’re probably buying more organic foods these days.  I do.  I try to buy as much organic, local grown, or farm stand/farmer’s market items that I can, and then cross my fingers with the rest.  I stumbled across this compilation and now I can enter the store with a better idea where I’m wasting my money and where I should be concentrating my resources.  Cool!

There’s always some story about how this fruit is packed with toxins that will shrivel your liver or that vegetable will make you grow a third arm.  Many things are grown in far-flung places to keep out of season foods on your table year round.  While that’s a huge convenience it’s also scary when you think sometimes these places don’t ban the same pesticides that the US bans.  So what are you to do?  If you bought everything organic you’d probably go broke.  I’m lucky in that we have farmer’s markets here in Seattle and you can look your produce grower in the face.  What if you don’t have that option? Continue reading