Brownie Bread Pudding….(Or What to Do With Stale Brownies)

Brownie Bread PuddingWe bought little brownie “bite” kind of things the other day.  Well I didn’t, my other half did.  I sat on the couch and had some champagne.  They’re really just little brownies baked into the shape of a cup.  They were a midnight impulse purchase; something to snack on late at night to satisfy an urge.  I was fairly excited when I saw them.  Who wouldn’t be? Unfortunately I’m fairly certain these have been marketed for sopping up oil spills somewhere and that’s the reason we got them so cheaply.  So bad were these as a late night purchase, half of them went stale.  Good brownies, anything tasty for that matter, does not go stale in our house.  How does a food producer expect to have a viable model for themselves making stuff that sucks?  Are there that many people who’ll buy something so mediocre and think  “Hey I’d like to spend my hard-earned money on something awful, AGAIN!!” Continue reading