Homemade Applesauce

Homemade ApplesauceWhen I lived on the East Coast I made apple sauce all the time.  All the time.  It’s really quick, it’s really easy, and applesauce is both tasty and a great way to make a lot of recipes more healthy.  Apples are cheap on the East Coast.  I wasn’t aware that on the West Coast apples are like truffles.  Or caviar.  Or platinum.  What the hell is with that?  I could get a three pound bag of Granny Smith apples for $2.99 back when.  They are double the price here.  $1.99 a pound?  Really?  Are the seeds rare earth metals?  Is there a West Coast apple picking union which requires breaks every half hour of orchard time?  There are orchards all over Washington State.  It’s not like they have to ship them half way across the country.  This isn’t Hawaii or Alaska.  I’m bordering on incensed over this.  Just saying.

That aside I still like homemade applesauce quite a bit, so after getting over the sticker shock the other day I decided to make a batch.  Apples don’t make a lot of applesauce, no getting around that.  However many apples you buy, you’re going to look at the finished product and say “That’s it?”  That’s just the way it is unfortunately.  But it’s still worth the effort. Continue reading

Mole Poblano with Chicken

Mole Poblano with Chicken

So Chicken Mole Poblano.  I like moles quite a bit.  There are all manner of moles.  Pink, yellow, verde, Colorado, Oaxaca, Poblano…on and on.  They all have something going for them.  I love chocolate and any opportunity to work it into any recipe is reason enough for me to try it.  Top if off with being quite tasty to boot and what’s not to like?  I’m sure there would be a great swath of folks from Mexico, little old ladies and chefs alike, who’d argue that this is anything but a real mole.  A “real” mole might take hours and hours of cooking and roasting and all manner of wonderful things to make the very complex flavors that are indicative of them.  I don’t have 16 hours and neither do you (well maybe you do – I’m jealous if that’s the case.)  This recipe, however, is delightful, can be used any number of different ways, and is fairly quick to put together.  It’s also fairly complex, not overly chocolatey, and is quite spicy.  I’ve used this with chicken cut up, shredded, just made the sauce and drizzled it over whole chicken breasts, it works with eggs, making breakfast burritos, with pork….would you like me to go on?  It’s very versatile and it’s quite tasty.

I never would have tried this to be honest, but my other half loves this stuff and our inability to find a good one anywhere around our place meant I needed to find a recipe to make up for that inadequacy.  What emerged was this recipe (after some incredible disasters – stuff that tasted like chalk) but it’s a recipe which he loves, and so do I. Continue reading