Baked French Fries (Are They Even Fries If You Bake Them?)

Baked French FriesI’m a fan of the French Fry.  Probably too big a fan.  I like steak fries, I like thin fries, I like big potato wedge fries….Basically stick a potato in oil and I’m along for the ride.  To be sure there are bad fries as well.  There’s nothing good about soggy fries, for example.  They make me want to toss things off my balcony.  Sometimes the place down the street makes fries that are awesome, other times they come out like a mushy wet mess.  When that happens I want to toss the fries at their plate-glass windows in protest.

Fries aren’t really particularly a health food either.  No surprise that.  While potatoes are cheap, continually buying enough oil to fry them in is neither cheap nor particularly earth friendly (not to mention being able to hear your arteries snapping shut.)  So what to do?  Bake them, that’s what.  Not convinced?  I wasn’t particularly when I first decided to try it.  It does make a good fry.  Is it the same thing you’ll get from McDonald’s?  No.  Is that a bad thing?  Not in my mind.  This makes a great “fry” if you can call it that.  And they’re a hell of a lot healthier than something cooked in oil.  You’ll use some oil in this recipe, but not a vat full.  No bad thing, that. Continue reading