Fruit Roll-Ups Deceptive Packaging Lawsuit Goes Forward – Are We Seeing A Pattern Here?

Fruit Roll-Ups Deceptive Packaging Lawsuit Goes Forward - Are We Seeing A Pattern Here?So there was just the Nutella lawsuit that I was grumbly about.  Very grumbly.  Short on its heels, there’s this.  (In all fairness I don’t have any of the attachment to Fruit Roll-Ups that I do to Nutella. Every fruit Roll-Up could self-immolate tomorrow and I’d feel no different.  In the interest of full disclosure…)  This isn’t the first time someone’s had a go around at General Mills for it’s packaging of Fruit Roll-Ups, either.  This one does seem the have the best shot at ending up at trial, however. Continue reading

Australian Cheesy Snack Turns Your Tongue Blue

Australian Cheesy Snack Turns Your Tongue BlueI had half expected this would be a Japanese product.  Asia always gets all the fun goofy products.  Australia will do though, a close second.  I’m not so sure how to even explain this so I’ll let the Pepsi press release from their site do the work for me.

PepsiCo Australia’s Twisties snacks brand recently launched a new limited edition twist to its popular line up — Blue Tongue Twisties.

This latest product gives consumers a novel snacking experience — through a moisture activation color change process, it turns tongues blue when eaten. Australian consumers can buy Twisties Blue Tongue in popular cheese flavoring in a 90g pack size.

Primary launch support for the product will be executed through store display activity and the newly created Twisties Facebook page. Twisties is also joining forces with 7-Eleven and Slurpee to create new and exciting “twisted” taste experiences.  

“Twisties Blue Tongue involves consumers in a real snacking experience and re-energizes consumer’s love for the Twisties brand,” said Jenni Dill, director, Marketing – PepsiCo Australia. “It’s a great-tasting product that has the added fun and visual experience of turning your tongue blue.”  

I’m not sure what chemical reaction causes a product that’s actually yellow, to turn your tongue blue, but I’m sure that’s not a chemical I could readily name – even if I were staring at the spelling.

To give credit where credit is due – check out the original Reddit posting where i stumbled across this here.

Silly Doritos Chip Pairing Infographic

I’m not much on Doritos really.  I’m more a chips and salsa guy.  And I like to make my own salsa.  That doesn’t make Doritos a bad thing.  They certainly have their place.  Like the Superbowl.  To that end, Doritos has contrived an infographic pairing guide to show you what Doritos might go well with a particular snack.  A bit silly if not bordering on gross, but it shows a bit of hustle on the Doritos end, if nothing else.  Salsa Verde and a Bud anyone?

Click on the image for a larger size graphic.

Silly Doritos Chip Pairing Infographic

Delivery Cheesy Bread At Home

Delivery Cheesy Bread At HomeIf you like cheesy bread like Dominoes of just about any pizza place offers these days this recipe is for you.  Pizza places offer this because it’s really just a small pizza with nothing but cheese and seasonings on it.  Makes sense for them.  I could be persuaded to bypass the pizza altogether and just eat cheesy bread.  Why don’t they offer a full size version?  Lack of vision.  I’m not so short-sighted.   Continue reading

Asparagus, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Pizza

Asparagus, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese PizzaWe’ve got a very good pizza dough recipe down and use it fairly regularly.  It’s easy to make and let’s face it, nothing’s better than a good homemade pizza.  Often it’s just a simple pizza with red sauce or a white pizza heavy on cheese or garlic.  We were looking for something a little different the other night, however.  This pizza certainly qualifies I think. Continue reading

Asparagus with Eggs – Breakfast, Snack, Dinner….Just Plain Good

Asparagus and EggsIt often happens that we’re both home at weird times and are hungry.  Not much of a surprise.  Both of us are generally writing, typing away on respective laptops in our little corners of the studio.  Quite often when we’re both hungry and are not feeling making a multi-course meal, this dish comes to our rescue.  It’s stupidly simple, it’s tasty as all get out, and it’s good morning, noon, or night.  My type of food then. Continue reading