A Lazy Evening With Some Corn Chowder

A Lazy Evening With Some Corn Chowder

OK – perhaps not that lazy.  It’s not that I had a particularly unproductive day.  I worked.  I got some exercise.  I even washed the car.  The evening quickly turned lazy after the plan for a “dessert pizza” sort of thing was torpedoed by lack of a certain ingredient.  I wasn’t interested in the hour round trip to the store that undoubtedly would have it.  After a brief funk, plan B emerged, in which a corn chowder would be assembled. Continue reading

Baked Potato Soup and Cheddar Biscuits

Baked Potato Soup and Cheddar BiscuitsI came home from the store a week ago with one of those ten pound bags of Russet potatoes.  My other half asked what exactly I was going to do with all those potatoes.  The most I could muster was a mumbled “I don’t know” because I didn’t, actually, know.  I had no plan.  They were cheap and I was in a buying mood.  So I made our poutine recipe one night, I made more bubble and squeak, because there’s no way to ever have enough bubble and squeak, and I still had some potatoes left.  So what’s a guy to do.  We were out the other day and a restaurant had a baked potato soup on special.  I didn’t get it, but it did get me thinking.  That sounds awfully good.  I searched around a bit and found a few different takes on the soup itself; some are more broth with chunks of potato, some are more potato as soup thickener, there’s quite a variety then.  So what to do. Continue reading

Simple Vegetable Stock Recipe

Simple Vegetable Stock RecipeAwhile ago I posted an article on the homemade chicken stock I make whenever I roast a chicken.  Chicken stock is great stuff and it’s essentially free if you’re making your own.  Actually I could make the argument that if you’re roasting a whole chicken you’re saving money over buying some sort of boneless-skinless product, so it’s actually better than free.  Nice!   Continue reading

Homemade Chicken Stock – Or What to Do With That Carcass…

Homemade Chicken StockLots of stuff under the banner of homemade banner this week.  I guess everything is really homemade, if – you know – you make it in your home.  That aside, I just made a chicken.  Quite tasty that.  Once you’re done with the bird, or at least get it out of your cooking vessel, you’re left with juices and whatnot.  Generally I put the stuff that comes out during cooking in a little container and pop that into the fridge.  It’s good chicken goodness – I use it to flavor just about anything really; mushrooms – yup, potatoes – yup, risotto – yup, anywhere you need some oil or fat and chicken would be a nice addition – this is the ticket.

At the point where you’ve gotten all the usable things off of your bird – you’ll have a carcass.  I used to just toss that into the trash (now the compost – here in Seattle.)  Mistake.  We go through a lot of chicken stock.  Not that it’s too expensive, but with the amount of chicken we eat – why not make my own?  Good question.  I didn’t think it was particularly hard, but it does take some time to get things cooked down properly. Continue reading