San Francisco’s Zog’s Dogs Sends A Hot Dog To Outer Space….And Back

San Francisco's Zog's Dogs Sends A Hot Dog To Outer Space....And Back

San Francisco’s Zog’s Dogs recently teamed up with a group of engineers and did what any self-respecting hot dog purveyor dreams of doing.  They went to space.  Well one of their hot dogs did.  And back.  Armed with a camera, a balloon, and a stout GPS system; a hot dog was launched into space and retrieved by the Zog’s Dogs crew.  They even took a bite out of said astronaut dog.  We only wonder if they named it Laika.

Check out the video below.  To celebrate the momentous launch and re-entry of their interplanetary meat in tube form, Zog’s Dogs is offering a special Space Dog Combo: a Zog Dog with Astronaut Ice Cream for dessert – all for $5.  A cosmic deal.