“Stuffed” French Toast

"Stuffed" French ToastOkay, okay.  I’ve been lazy the past few days.  No denying that.  I’ve been visiting with some family, working like a madman, and being lazy when I wasn’t doing either.  More than a full-time job, all that.

I got home from work and then the store and decided that I’d make some lunch/dinner/afternoon meal kind of thing.  Both of us were hungry.  The very minute I sat down our killer internet provider struck again.  We’d another outage.  My other half went into “Moby Dick” mode with our internet provider, resolutely staying on the phone and being steadfast with the customer service people until he got some money back on the bill (this isn’t the only time we’ve lost service – and we both do work from home) – so BOO on you Broadstripe. Continue reading