Star Wars Themed Burgers?!?!

You probably thought you’d seen everything possible that could be tagged with Star Wars merchandising.  I thought had seen everything.  Figures, toys, models, books,  and now….burgers?

Yep.  Dutch fast food joint Quick (inventive with the fast food names, those Dutch) just announced that it will be offering Phantom Menace themed burgers for a limited time in anticipation of the upcoming 3D release of Star Wars: Episode I in movie theaters.  Huh?Star Wars Themed Burgers

No mistake there.  There’s three burgers available shortly, Jedi, Dark, and Dark Vador Burger.  One imagines either Lord Vader’s name is spelled differently in French or someone’s got a gigantic marketing pink slip headed their way.Star Wars Themed Burgers

The Dark burger, clearly associated with Darth Maul, looks to have poppy seeds on the bun and little else to make it that special. The Jedi burger has what are clearly cheese curds on top.  Ridiculously other food blogs – Huffington Post and Eater to name a few, speculating that it might be marshmallows.  Really guys?  On a mass marketed burger?  Grow up.

The one that’s been catching all the buzz and making headlines is the Dark Vador (their spelling not mine) whose bun is black.  Not lightly tinged black.  Take a look at those photos.  Like a coal miner in a black out at midnight black.  I mean black.  What’s up with that?  I’m not sure I want my hamburger bun resembling carbon black.  How do you tell if it’s burnt?

There’s precious little info around about these burgers, neither the Quick corporate nor the Quick France site has any information or press releases regarding these bizarre spacey fare.

I didn’t take much in the way of French classes but with the help of THE GOOGLE the top seems to ask which side of The Force you’d like to align yourself with, while the bottom encourages you to eat more than five servings of fruits and vegetables a day.  Indeed.  May the force be with you!