Man Assaults Starbucks Barista Over A Lack Of Cream

It’s been a tough couple of days for Starbucks.  First a coke addled lady went on a bit of rampage trying to get her caffeine fix, now news comes in from Canada that a Starbucks customer threw a bit of nutty when his local ‘Bux ran out of cream.  Perhaps he’d had enough coffee anyway.

Abbotsford, British Columbia police are searching for a man who assaulted a Starbucks barista after she told him they’d run out of cream.  Sounds reasonable.

Constable Ian MacDonald told The Abbotsford Times that a Caucasian man in his 40s ordered a coffee and began screaming upon being told the coffee shop was out of cream. The man then threw water in the barista’s face and stormed out of the store.

MacDonald told The Times that the barista involved was frightened and shaken by the incident.  No doubt.  Given the severity of the suspect’s reaction to a simple inconvenience, the police are acting quickly and have tracked the suspect’s license plate to a Vancouver Island address.

“If a cup of coffee sets him off to this degree, can you image what would happen if something of real consequence occurs?” MacDonald asked.  “He got in a truck and probably got onto the highway. What if someone changes lanes in front of him or something?”

Woman Repeatedly Rams Two Cars On A Coke Fueled Quest For Starbucks

Woman Repeatedly Rams Two Cars On A Coke Fueled Quest For Starbucks


Keep Austin weird.  That’s the slogan.  Demetria Williams was actively doing her part when police arrested her for ramming two vehicles several times on her way to a Starbucks.

Ms. Williams, 32, of Austin, is charged with two counts 
of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, driving while intoxicated, evading arrest and theft.  That’s a lot of felonies for a cuppa joe.

According to the arrest warrant, one of the victims told police that Williams had rammed her Malibu into his car several times and pointed her middle finger at him.  He then followed her to a Starbucks coffee shop in the Georgetown neighborhood.

The other victim told police that over the course of a mile, Williams hit her Lexus five times.  She reported that Williams said: “You don’t want to mess with her. She would fuck us up. She was on a cocaine run, and we got in her way.”

A police officer who responded to the Starbucks saw Williams yelling and cursing at an employee.  Williams told the officer that she had no money and had been drinking quite a bit.  She told the police officer that her name was “honey mother-fucking cocaine.”

After searching her vehicle the officer found an empty beer can and four bottles of wine.  Williams was remanded to the Williamson County Jail on Tuesday on $43,500 bail, according to public records.

Starbucks and Coinstar Join Forces To Cover The Country With Seattle’s Best Coffee ‘Rubi’ Vending Machines

Starbucks and Coinstar Join Forces To Cover The Country With Seattle's Best Coffee 'Rubi' Vending MachinesHaving now lived on two very opposite coasts I can say one thing for certain; coffee loyalty is strong near the ocean.  You can’t go much of anywhere in Seattle without tripping over a Starbucks.  There is one across the street from our studio and another directly behind it.  They are less than 500 feet apart.  No joke.  Starbucks doesn’t have a stranglehold on the New England area, however.  That’d be Dunkin’ Donuts, thank you very much.  One photographer in Rhode Island set out to document all the D&D locations within a three-mile radius of her house.  She stopped at 38 shops.  One thing that’s not hard to come by then, is a cup of coffee.

Apparently it’s still not easy enough.   Seattle’s Best Coffee (owned by Starbucks) has joined forces with the ubiquitous green change counting service Coinstar to launch thousands of coffee vending kiosks in grocery stores, drug stores and other retail locations.  Think of them like a pair.  Or like a Red Box, just more highly caffeinated.  The “Rubi” kiosks will begin showing up this summer, starting with the Northeast and West Coast.  Coinstar expects about 500 machines by the end of the year.  The plan is to make that number grow very quickly in the ensuing years.

Coinstar and Seattle’s Best mounted a plan for total world domination successful pilot program in which the machines grind and brew whole beans on demand.  Coffee, mochas and lattes?  No problem.  A plan to experiment with iced drinks as well is under development as well.  Drinks start at what seems to be a reasonable $1 for a cup of coffee.  More complicated drinks will fetch $1.50.

Get ready to see more machines stacked up next to the Coinstar in the supermarket.  No report on who you yell at when your skinny two pump double mocha latte doesn’t come out quite right, however.

Starbucks To Open 6 Stores In Disney Parks – World Does Not End

Starbucks To Open 6 Stores In Disney Parks - World Does Not End

Mickey Mouse is about to get a major caffeine infusion.

Disney, the world’s largest theme park company, on Monday announced a deal with Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee chain, to open stores in its theme parks around the United States. Continue reading

There’s A Bug In My Frappuccino!! – Starbucks Pulls Bug Based Dye From Menu and Drink Items

There's A Bug In My Frappuccino!! - Starbucks Pulls Bug Based Die From Menu and Drink Items

Starbucks has announced it will no longer use cochineal extract in its Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino drinks and five other products, instead opting for a tomato-based ingredient called lycopene.  Cochineal extract is made from dried and crushed beetles.  GAH!  It’s in more stuff than you think.  If you’re a modern lady and you’re wearing some lipstick today, chances are you’ve got crushed beetles on your lips.  I personally love the Birthday Cake Pops at Starbucks – on the off chance that I go in.  Do they have crushed beetles?  Survey says?  Yes! Continue reading

Weaved Wood Starbucks In Japan

Weaved Wood Starbucks In JapanThis incredible Starbucks café in Fukuoka, Japan has a unique weaved wood interior going on – one unlike any other Starbucks in existence.  It’s intended to complement the surrounding neighborhood and the nearby Dazaifu Tenmangu temple.  The café was designed by Japanese architecture firm Kengo Kuma and Associates.Weaved Wood Starbucks In JapanWeaved Wood Starbucks In Japan