The Death Star Tea Ball – The Coolest Tea Infuser You Can’t Buy

That’s no moon….It’s a cup of Earl Grey.  From craftsman/artist Timo Jousimo, The Death Star Tea Ball is a fully operational tea infuser.  It also happens to be formed in the shape of the Star Wars mega-weapon.  Personally I like my tea on the dark side.  Not sure what that says about me.  Unfortunately for the whole world, the tea ball is an unlicensed one-off creation of the artist.  Because of licensing agreements he can’t make any for profit without upsetting the lawyers protecting the Lucas brand.  “It’s a trap!”

As the artist explains:

“Witness the power of this fully operational teaball!”

Yes, it’s a tea infuser made in the shape of the Death Star. It features two domes, one with the dish for the death ray. Also a simple interlocking mechanism for opening and closing and a bit over thousand 1 mm holes drilled all around it. Diameter is 50 mm, so it’s good for whole pot of tea.

Crafted entirely from 925 silver sheet metal (plus the chain).

Do want.  Badly.