Keep Tiger Prawns (Jumbo Shrimp) Off Your Plate

Keep Tiger Prawns (Jumbo Shrimp) Off Your PlateShrimp are fantastic.  Prawns are even better because it means you’re in England.  I love a nice bed of rice with a giant shrimp prawn sitting on top.  Feels rich.  Look at me – I’m king dammit!  Only there’s a problem.  There’s always a problem.

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (can you imagine those member meetings?) wants you to know all about the negative effects of giant prawn farming on the environment.  Apparently it’s a horror show for just about everything involved, start to finish.  There’s antibiotics, pollution, chemical cocktails (there are 155 possible chemicals used in Thailand to farm shrimp….155!), mangrove destruction…everything short of the wholesale invasion of Poland.  Boo.  Even “organic” shrimp is supposed to be nothing of the sort.  I try to be fairly hardcore about where my food is coming from but I’d never given much thought to shrimp.  I suppose I will now.  Time to find whatever wild caught shrimp is available the next time it comes across my dinner plate.  Check out the short video below, it outlines the broad strokes of the whole thing.

Just Because It’s a Slow Night I Give You “Guy Making Iced Tea Like A Boss”

I’m not sure what to even say here.  If I could do this I’m not sure I’d leave my house.  I would do this all day long.  In front of a mirror.  Or maybe I’d move to New York and do it everyday, all day on the street.  And nothing else.  This guy happens to be in Bangkok Thailand.  Okay so the drink is actually called Teh Tarik (literally “pulled tea”). It is commonly found in Southeast Asia.  I don’t care what it’s called.  I would vote this guy into any office he ran for.  Quite possibly this man is a wizard.