Top Chef Texas – Finale

Top Chef Texas - FinaleSo it’s the finale.  The big enchilada.  A four course tasting menu in a beautiful restaurant.  A mini restaurant wars.  Competing to be the sous chefs are a smattering of folks who’d left weeks before.  The poor bastard who hacksaw butchered the pig in the first episode, is back.
Top Chef Texas - Finale

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Top Chef Texas – Culinary Games

Top Chef Texas - Culinary GamesWe return this week not in Texas but in Canada – Vancouver to be exact.  That’s pretty far from Texas.  The chefs all rejoin in Canada – as always some with different hair and things going on.  People are even somewhat happy to see Bev.  Another Toyota mention.  Thanks – I had forgotten, what with all the product placement and ham fisted references.

Chef’s get a message to head up to Whistler – big mountain that.  We get plenty of time to look at the inside of Toyota’s van on the way.  Thanks.  Whistler Olympic Park is bustling – and snowy. Continue reading