Bacon Based Tourism Infographic

Needing to get your Bacon on?  Traveling to disparate locations and wondering what kind of bacon can I get here, right now?!  Then consider the infographic Bacon Based Tourism to be your ultimate travel guide. Loaded with handy bacon-related info for most major countries, you’ll know what type of pork to expect in each country, and how to order it like a pro.  Bonus.  Including such information as Bacon in Many Languages, and the Top 10 Pork Producing Countries of 2010, you’re ensured your next vacation won’t fall short.  Let’s face it, no one wants to look like a bacon neophyte when abroad.  Click on the photo for a much larger version.

Bacon Based Tourism Infographic

Post Holiday Roundup…..

A wonderful holiday was had by all.   Actually we’re still having holiday celebrations.  After days and days of this Christmas, that Christmas, and food here, there, and everywhere; we’re ending out celebratory roll out with a night at my other half’s grandparents in upstate NY.  It was a really nice quiet evening.  We made Beef Wellington for dinner (try finding Foie Gras in Clark Mills, NY.)  Yum!

We did a nice Christmas Eve slash Hanukkah dinner at the other half’s parents.  They always have Brisket, Kugel, Potato Latkes, among other things.  It’s my fifth Hanukkah dinner and I’m always looking forward to it.  That brisket rocks my world.  The latkes are fantastic (matzo meal does wonders for potato pancakes) and I never had kugel before I started being part of the family.  It’s all good.  The morning after we have a breakfast casserole (another Grandma Irene recipe.)  These are all things I’ll have to cover at some point; all worth their own posts.  Thanks to the in-laws for being the most generous people on the planet earth.  You’re fantastic.

Christmas morning/day we had at my mom’s.  This was a small dinner (just my mom, brother, the boyfriend, and my mom.)  My mother doesn’t know small or low-key when cooking.  So it was fairly epic for four people.  I wizened up and got out the camera out for this meal.  Here’s a few pictures.  MMMM.Mom's Christmas Dinner Continue reading