There’s A Bug In My Frappuccino!! – Starbucks Pulls Bug Based Dye From Menu and Drink Items

There's A Bug In My Frappuccino!! - Starbucks Pulls Bug Based Die From Menu and Drink Items

Starbucks has announced it will no longer use cochineal extract in its Strawberries & Creme Frappuccino drinks and five other products, instead opting for a tomato-based ingredient called lycopene.  Cochineal extract is made from dried and crushed beetles.  GAH!  It’s in more stuff than you think.  If you’re a modern lady and you’re wearing some lipstick today, chances are you’ve got crushed beetles on your lips.  I personally love the Birthday Cake Pops at Starbucks – on the off chance that I go in.  Do they have crushed beetles?  Survey says?  Yes! Continue reading

Anatomy of A Vegan Infographic

Here’s your infographic of the day.  A look at vegans by the numbers, so to speak.  Packed with info, this piece strikes a great balance between education and entertainment.  Based upon a Facebook survey with text provided by the Vegetarian Resource Group, this piece by Advanced Physical Medicine is pretty neat.  I don’t subscribe to the lifestyle personally but I like the ethos.  It’ll be a shame that the very next post after this is going to be an epic meat sandwich that contains two steaks.  Oh dear.

Anatomy of a Vegan Infographic

Simple Vegetable Stock Recipe

Simple Vegetable Stock RecipeAwhile ago I posted an article on the homemade chicken stock I make whenever I roast a chicken.  Chicken stock is great stuff and it’s essentially free if you’re making your own.  Actually I could make the argument that if you’re roasting a whole chicken you’re saving money over buying some sort of boneless-skinless product, so it’s actually better than free.  Nice!   Continue reading