This Is Now The World’s Most Expensive Burger

This Is Now The World’s Most Expensive Burger

Serendipity 3 Burger

A few days ago there was a flurry of articles about New York restaurant Serendipity 3 debuting the “world’s most expensive burger.”  The Manhattan café that played a starring role in the 2001 film Serendipity and is also home to the $1,000-dollar sundae, has created Le Burger Extravagant at $295 a pop.  What do you get for your money?

Japanese Wagyu beef infused with 10-herb white truffle butter, seasoned with Salish Alderwood smoked Pacific sea salt, topped with cheddar cheese – hand-formed by the famous cheesemaker James Montgomery in Somerset, England, and cave-aged for 18 months – shaved black truffles, a fried quail egg and served on a white truffle-buttered Campagna Roll, which is topped with a blini, creme fraiche, and Paramout Caviar’s exclusive Kaluga caviar – a beautiful golden caviar with a buttery, nutty taste and large pearls from the Huso Dauricus farm raised in Quzhou, China.”

Only it’s not the world’s most expensive burger.  They’ve been outdone by a food truck.  Behold the $666 Douche Burger.

Created by 666 Burger the Douche Burger is more than double the price of Serendipity’s offering.  Stuffed with foie-gras, the gold-leaf-wrapped Kobe patty is topped with caviar, lobster, truffles, Gruyère melted with Champagne steam (!), and BBQ sauce made using Kopi Luwak coffee.  If you’re not familiar with Kopi Luwak coffee there’s probably good reason.  It’s $100 a pound.  Oh, and the coffee beans are eaten by civet cats and after being digested and shat out, the beans are cleaned, roasted, and offered to you as a tasty and very expensive beverage.  Yeah, civet shit coffee.  Yum.

And, according to 666 Burger’s Facebook page the burger is completely legit.  Here’s a picture.

This Is Now The World’s Most Expensive Burger

And The “Winner” Is…..

While they are offering it, it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek.  Okay, it’s a lot tongue-in-cheek.  The boys over at 666 Burger seem very angry at the thought of just piling super expensive ingredients on a burger and charging a fat sum for it, so they rolled this sucker out as a statement of burger intentions… “[The Douche Burger] may not taste good, but will make you feel rich as f*ck.”  Indeed.

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