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The Top Tips to Create the Best Burger

Burgers are an all-American classic, and chances are, you’ve cooked or grilled one at some point in your life. But what’s the secret to creating the best burger? Celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain, shares his top tips in this short video.

To make a great burger, you want to make sure you’re taking the classic dish and making it better. According to Bourdain, the perfect burger includes a squishy and soft bun, a good hunk of meat, and a meltable cheese, preferably processed.

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He also believes that the most delicious burgers are actually simple and don’t take things over the top. Keeping this in mind, keep the condiments simple, have an appropriate bread-to-bun ratio, and make sure that you aren’t adding unnecessary toppings.

He does mention one rule, however, that he believes all burgers should follow, and that is that they should be able to be eaten with one hand without making a mess.

If you’re ready to win your next burger cook-off or impress your friends and family with your next dinner, be sure to follow these tips to create an amazing burger! By following these tips from a well-known celebrity chef, you’re sure to stun at the next barbeque picnic.


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