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11 Experiences Backpackers Won’t Want to Miss on Their Travels


For many backpackers, the search for new and unique experiences is what makes backpacking so exciting. But no one wants to spend a bunch of money doing it. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can get your kicks without spending a fortune.

In this article, you’ll learn eleven budget-friendly ideas that will help you experience the world from an entirely different perspective while not breaking the bank in the process. Get ready to pack your bags!

1. Take a Walk in the Woods

Head out into the wilderness alone and hike back in on your own without any predetermined route or destination. Instead of hiking with others who might already know the area well, get lost on your own and see how it changes things up when you’re not constantly chattering about something familiar. But take extra precautions, though.

Let everyone know where you’re going and what time they should expect you to get back. If you can visit the park ranger, make sure to inform them which trail you’re taking. And most importantly, don’t forget to bring a first aid kit. You’ll never know what you encounter in the wild.

2. Choose Inexpensive Locations

Pick a spot somewhere in the world known for being inexpensive and fun to visit, then go there during a week where there aren’t many people around.

Plan an itinerary that has affordable options for sleeping, drinking, and dining so you can stay within your budget while still having a great time.

3. Go for Street Walk

Take a walk through the streets of your town or city and try to find as many spots as you can where you can sit down for free.

You’ll see that there are lots of benches, stairs, parking lots, bus stops, and other places where you don’t need to pay anything to rest your legs.

4. Make Your Own Dinner

Try learning how to make your dinner at home and take it with you when you go out into the world rather than always eating food from restaurants or cafes.

You’ll not only save some money but also be able to try new types of cuisine by making cheap regional dishes yourself.

5. Look for Affordable Places to Stay

There are hotels worldwide that offer cheap rooms if you simply book them online and in advance.

You can also look for backpacker-friendly hotels or cheap hostels to help you save on your accommodations.

6. Avoid Expensive Tour Groups

With a bit of research and planning, you can travel to popular tourist destinations on your own rather than only going with expensive tour groups.

Do some research online or ask locals about cheap transportation options. That way, you’ll be able to get from place to place without having to pay for an overpriced coach bus from a major company.

local market

7. Buy from Vendors

Visit local markets and buy souvenirs from vendors who sell their wares outside than inside stores with higher prices because rent is expensive.

Vendors usually offer items at lower costs since they don’t need to pay rent on their stall space, just like the big stores. Additionally, they don’t need to pay for utilities since their operations are smaller.

8. Visit Inexpensive Festivals

All over the world, you’ll find festivals that have a solid local following but don’t attract as many outsiders because they aren’t well-publicized or advertised.

This means that everyone who attends them has a solid connection to the area. There is usually no entry fee. It’s a great way to experience a culture’s traditions without having to pay an entry fee. Furthermore, you can buy food or drinks from local vendors who want to make some money.

9. Go Off the Grid

Instead of sticking with all the comforts of home when traveling, try going off the grid for a little while. By going off the grid, you have no choice but to embrace your surroundings and work with what is available.

You’ll save not only some money but also get a chance to meet local people who are doing their best to provide for themselves and their families in the same circumstances.

10. Take an Alternative Transportation Method

If you want to travel somewhere, take a bus or train instead of paying for flights since they are often much cheaper and the ride is also usually more scenic.

Transportation companies compete with each other all the time, so they offer discounts on their services to try to get more customers.

11. Go Camping

Instead of staying in hotels or hostels, go camping somewhere with spots right by the water. That way, you can enjoy all the comforts of home without having to spend too much money.

You’ll feel like you’re on an extended vacation, but it will only cost you a fraction of what it would if you stayed at a hotel or hostess.

These 11 ideas for cheap, life-changing activities will give you an idea of having fun without spending too much money. You never know where the next adventure will take you, so you must plan accordingly with these suggestions.

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