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Topsy Tasty: Where Travel and Food Come Together

We take you to various places on Earth to enjoy some of the most exciting stories in travel and food. Discover amazing travel destinations, top chefs, fantastic restaurants and unforgettable tourist spots.

Explore Local Food and Drinks While Traveling

We believe that your travel adventures are missing something without trying out the dishes and beverages from local regions.

Here’s why we think food tops all aspects of traveling:

  • You open your eyes and taste buds to a wider range of flavor profiles.
  • You’ll look at the food you eat in a whole new way. The mozzarella cheese served in Italy, for instance, is more flavorful than the ones you get at your local supermarket.
  • The food served by a particular country will tell you a lot about their culture and people. Take France as an example. Some of the staple food you’ll find in Paris are fine meat cuts, freshly baked bread and deliciously decadent desserts. This shows that the country tends to value the finer things in life.

We hope that our articles will encourage you to book your next flight and eat something unexpected. Who knows? The next dish you order may be your new favorite.

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