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How Bush Camping Nourishes Your Body and Soul

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Every year, thousands of Australians participate in at least a single outdoor activity. They may venture into the Blue Mountains or endure the challenging but greatly rewarding Laparinta hiking trail in Australia.

During this time, hikers walk for five to fourteen days, depending on their skill level and persistence. Guides lead the way as the others conquer stony paths and bushes. This isn’t for the faint of heart, but it’s worth the journey when one catches a glimpse of the beauty of the country’s Great Outback.

Most of all, the joy of sleeping under a star-studded sky in a tranquil environment is indescribable. Despite it being an outdoor experience, it does not leave your comfort zone behind as it’s the only thing that separates you from nature. As a bonus, you can improve your health.

Embracing Our Biophilia

It’s been said that we humans have roughly two billion years ago roamed the earth during our search for food. Research shows that there’s something satisfying about getting back to nature with all this new technology around us. However, nothing can replace Mother Nature’s elegance and tranquility.

When you camp in the wilderness, you become a part of an ancestral ritual, which started way before your grandparents and even their grandparents were born. You are not only rediscovering yourself but also reconnecting with nature on a whole new level.

The fresh air in your lungs, the sounds of leaves and trees moving in the breeze, water flowing through a creek, and wild animals—this is how nature sounds like when you are out there! Camping is not only about getting back to basics but also an experience that your mind craves.

If you want to know what it feels like then go camp for yourself! You will come back with a refreshed attitude towards life with many more things to appreciate around you.

Bush camping can also mean gathering around for a camp roast. The heart of every camp is its fire pit. It’s around this fire that you get to connect with people who otherwise would never have been friends and experience enough stories about past encounters for ten lifetimes bunched together.

Lighting up the night while roasting marshmallows or having steaks jumping through flames could definitely become one of your favorite pleasant memories that will lift your heart and bring you joy.

woman enjoying the sun

Enjoying Better Health

Bush camping can also do so much more than helping you embrace your biophilic trait—your need to commune with nature. It also introduces a lot of physical and mental benefits.

1. Nature decreases the risk of hypertension. Recent research shows that just one hour of being in nature can help people lower their blood pressure. This is a significant finding because high blood pressure can cause various problems such as heart disease and stroke.

2. Nature reduces stress. Studies show that people who live near forests can recover more quickly from stressful situations, while a walk along the beach combats stress in women.

3. The outdoors boosts creativity by encouraging walking. Researchers at Stanford University found that students who spent time walking boosted their creativity by as much as 60 percent compared to those who did the same tasks while sitting. Wild places produce a “higher order” way of thinking by encouraging us to observe and question instead of deducing or interpreting what we see. This is totally different than our typical quick-answer mentality! Like meditation, it’s as if nature teaches us to be still and open ourselves up to new ways of thinking.

4. Nature reduces pain and makes us happier. In one of the randomized clinical trials among patients with severe burns, those who smelled diffused Damask rose experienced reduced pain intensity while they underwent wound dressing and even after the procedure. A study in Environment and Behavior revealed that watching videos of natural scenes could improve mood. A stroll through an arboretum can help patients feel less anxious about dental care while a walk on a beach can reduce stress levels for heart surgery patients!

5. Nature improves sleep. Relaxing sounds like babbling brooks or waves crashing improve sleep quality by masking noises that keep you awake. Some studies also show that the sounds can slow down beta waves, which are the brain’s rhythm when it’s fully awake and processing information. In addition, green spaces provide a wealth of opportunities for exercise and exploration, which we use to manage stress and promote overall health.

Bush camping and walking is an exceptional adventure that you should not miss out on this year. The combined elements of fresh air, spectacular views, and health benefits will make your bush camp one for the books.

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