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Top 7 Best Italian Restaurants To Satisfy Your Pasta Cravings

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Pasta dishes like spaghetti, ravioli, and lasagna always come to mind when we think of the ultimate Italian comfort food. Pasta is super easy to make and takes little time. Serve it with wine, and you have yourself a perfect meal for date night. There are too many kinds of pasta that it will take years to try. Pasta has fantastic flavors that can cheer you up as soon as you take a bite.

Restaurants in America recognize the universal appeal of this Italian dish, so they’ve concocted tons of recipes to make their pasta unique. Some food businesses have even hopped on the healthy bandwagon by starting a juice bar smoothie business alongside a pizza and pasta truck. Thus, you can get a quick detox after consuming the cheesy treat.

These innovative ideas keep the competition going, and food lovers get the best of them. There are unique pasta dishes spread all across America for you to try. Each has outstanding flavors that draw pasta lovers, food bloggers, and influencers. Trying them all should be on your bucket list. Below is a list of restaurants that serve mouth-watering pasta dishes that you’ll surely love.

Emilio’s Ballato, New York

Among the top famous restaurants in New York City, Emilio’s Ballato stands firm with its pasta bolognese. The locals love the pasta, which is visible by the crowd that gathers here in the evenings. Some celebrities like Tom Hanks, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, and Rihanna dine there. Anthony Vitolo, the chef, along with his brother, follows the recipes created by their father. It’s been the hub for high-profile customers since 1956, and tagliatelle alla bolognese is the bestseller.

Misi, Brooklyn

Michelin Star chef Missy Robbins cooks these pasts in two of her Brooklyn restaurants. In the pasta room, she, with her team, creates ten different types of fresh pasta each day. This room is made right by the street with glass windows, so passers-by can witness the sacred art of creating pasta. The different kinds of pasta are made with innovation, and some have fillings inside them. So you experience delight with each bite.

Prince of Venice, Los Angeles

Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, the real Prince of Italy, has opened his own food truck in LA. He aims to combine the flavors of America and Italy in the form of the most delicious pasts. This food truck creates fresh pasta from scratch, making it different from all other food trucks in LA. According to him, life is a combination of magic and pasta imprinted on all the boxes he serves in. Bolognese is the bestseller here as well.

Marea, New York

Famous for its pasta with baby octopus and bone marrow, Marea is one Michelin Star restaurant in New York. You can have the pasta as a part of a five-course meal or solo, costing $39. The octopus in the dish is glazed with wine, and the mere thought of bone marrow gets customers drooling. This dish is worth every penny.

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Carlo’s Restaurant and Lounge, Chicago

This 30-year-old restaurant is the locals’ favorite. Any time of the day you visit, you’ll find regular customers who’ve known the owners for decades. Carlo’s serves signature dishes like rigatoni al forno, a white sauce pasta dish covered in Parmesan delight. This is a family-run restaurant that’s been in the game for ages and will not disappoint when it comes to good Italian food.

Rino’s Place, Massachusetts

This restaurant in Boston is so popular that people line up at the front to get in. It’s famous for its brilliant pasta dishes that are worth the wait. If it’s the first time you get the menu, it’s best not to think about what to order and just go for the chef’s special with lobster ravioli. You can’t go wrong with that. The specialty of this restaurant is the homemade pasta that’s taken out fresh for every order. It can’t get better than this.

Bravo! Italian Kitchen

To end the list, here’s one of the best Italian chains that grace the lands of America. Their pasta is cooked like every Italian grandmother makes it at home, which makes it special. The restaurant is famous for basic Italian pasta that can satisfy your cravings. If you’re not looking for much exploration and want good Italian homemade food, Bravo is the place to go.

The Bottom Line

These are the top picks among restaurants that serve amazing pasta. Some of these places cater specifically to your pasta cravings, while some are a haven for good Italian food in general. If you want something else with your pasta, go for pizza as it’s the classic choice. There’s no doubt that it will be heavenly. The pasta dishes on the list are not too expensive, even though some have Michelin Star ratings. Pasta is a simple dish, so if prices are reasonable, you know it’s genuinely Italian.

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