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Enjoying in Singapore: What Activities Can You Do?

Singapore at night

Singapore is applauded for its remarkable cleanliness and low crime rate, but “The Fine City” is not the only name that the country lives up to. Touted as “instant Asia,” Singapore is never short of tourist attractions. You can get into places that present the multitude of cultures brought by immigrants from all parts of Asia and commercial centres where you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. With modern skyscrapers towering over pre-war structures, the diverse beauty of the country cannot go unnoticed. Whether you want to splurge on some luxury or dive into adventure, you can try these activities to spice up your trip.

  • Charter a Yacht for a Party

If you are travelling in a large group and celebrating a special occasion, a yacht party in Singapore can unleash the social butterfly in you and bring you the ultimate party experience. Dancing to the upbeat music with the fiery sunset in the backdrop for that perfect Instagram shot, you can experience a party like no other and catch the panoramic view of the city.

In any kind of party, a sumptuous meal to feast on would not go amiss, which is why these charter services offer a wide variety of food and drinks. Also, the yachts geared for entertainment are usually equipped with a karaoke system for those who want to belt out their favourites.

  • Try Different Water Activities

The humid weather of Singapore is enough reason to engross yourself in water activities. Whether you are a landlubber or an aquaphile, taking the plunge to beat the heat is a sound decision.

With the calm waters around the islands, the most common activities to do are kayak fishing and paddle boarding. During your sea venture, you can also check your long-awaited water jetpacking adventure off your bucket list. If you have a deep fear of the sea, fret not! You can try pool activities, like underwater hockey, as an alternative.

  • Ride a Bumboat

Before the development of land infrastructure, forms of river transport like bumboats—locally known as twakows or tongkangs—were put in good use for the transportation of goods and passengers. Painted with eyes and faces to “see the danger ahead,” bumboats are now mostly utilized for sightseeing purposes. If you want to immerse yourself in this integral part of Singaporean history and culture, you can hop on a bumboat to explore downtown.

  • Gorge on Street Food


Along with urbanization, Singapore has seen an upsurge in the cheap street food culture since the 1970s. For the country to accommodate the influx of tourists, several hawker centres that house stalls selling a wide array of cheap food have been erected. They allow tourists to taste the diverse cuisine that fuses Malay, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Western influences. Among the street food items that you should not miss are sambal stingray, mud crab, laksa, and fish-head curry.

  • Explore Heritage Streets

Another way to be briefed on the diverse culture and history of Singapore is to explore its heritage streets on a trishaw. It is a bicycle with a sidecar. Trishaws have been around the country in the 1900s and are now tailored to meet tourists’ needs. The tour will take you to famous districts and iconic landmarks, including Bugis Street and Little India.

Characterised as the melting pot of Asia, Singapore is teeming with tourists who want to see a blend of traditions, modernity, and nature. Whether you are going on a luxury trip or a budget trip, your vacation plans will not go astray if you try unconventional ways to explore and appreciate the country’s astounding architecture and hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

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