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How Your Business Benefits from Hybrid Events

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In 2020, businesses transitioned to remote work and virtual events. But this 2021, expect more hybrid events to become commonplace. These events are a combination of in-person activities and virtual sessions that keep people engaged while still preventing the spread of COVID-19.
If you’re targeting better engagement with your audience this year, hybrid events are the way to go.

Why should your company start considering hybrid events?

Event planners are constantly on the lookout for CDC recommendations and updates about social distancing, sanitation, and other safety measures. But even though you’re working with the best planners in town, nobody has power over the pandemic and how the virus is transmitted.
And despite the availability of vaccines, there’s no telling when the pandemic will truly be deemed “over.”
Hybrid events are one of the best ways you can engage with your audience while practicing health and safety measures. Consider the following reasons to start planning this relatively new type of event.
First hybrid events allow flexibility especially for attendees who are at increased risk. Wearing a mask and staying six feet apart isn’t always an option for your target audience. They might not feel comfortable attending an event in person so having a dynamic combination of in-person and online activities could entice more people to sign up for your event.
Second hybrid events always prioritize your attendees’ experience. Hybrid events aren’t about showcasing your brand and how well you can put together an event. The success of a hybrid event stems from how engaging it is to your in-person and online audience. You’ll be putting on a much better event by focusing on your audience’s interests and what they expect from you.
Then, they’ll be more eager to attend future hybrid events that you host.


Third, hybrid events bring us one step closer to full in-person events.
It’s almost been a full year since the global outbreak of COVID-19. For a time, the events industry was on hold because nobody knew how to deal with the virus. As vaccines become available, we’re another step closer to pre-COVID events. Hybrid events give us something to look forward to.
Chances are high that your competitors already have some hybrid events lined up for 2021. So don’t wait until after they announce one before you start planning your own. Talk to your event planner today.

How do you start planning a hybrid event?

There are so many factors to consider for your hybrid event. These include the typical event details like the subject matter, program, date, and time. And just because it’s a combination of in-person and online activities, this doesn’t mean that the venue should be at the bottom of the list.
In fact, your hybrid event venue could make or break the success of your event. So, pay close attention to your event planner’s complimentary venue sourcing service. You want a place that considers health and safety guidelines, accommodates your event layout, and stimulates and captivates your audience.
In addition to the actual venue, you also have to consider all possible platforms and pick one that’s most accessible to your audience. Facebook and YouTube have live event features. But there are also other virtual event platforms that can accommodate your needs. Some platforms even have options for registrants to view the schedule, post updates, and interact with each other on a chatbox.
Just like how the right venue affects the overall mood of in-person attendees, the right platform also encourages your virtual attendees to engage with the activities and with each other.
Start talking about your next hybrid event and secure your in-person and online venue as soon as possible. Who knows how many competitors are already trying to book them?

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