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Traveling to Novo Mesto? Here’s What You Need to Know

Novo Mesto

Europe is slowly but surely reopening to tourists. Slovenia is one of the countries that have recently reopened. It’s one of the first countries in the world to acquire a Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

If you’re bored of watching travel shows on Netflix, get up your seat, book a flight to Europe and head to Novo Mesto, an archeological gem in Slovenia.

About Novo Mesto, Slovenia

Photo by Matjaž Mirt via Flickr Creative Commons

Novo Mesto serves as the center of Dolenjska, a region situated in southeastern Slovenia. It provides a mix of experiences of idyllic moments amongst vineyards and history. What’s more, it’s embraced by the Dolenjska landscape and Krka River. If you’re thinking of going on a nature vacation, consider traveling to this peaceful European destination.

How to Get to Novo Mesto

If you’re traveling to Novo Mesto outside Slovenia, you can book a flight heading to Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport. Note: if you’re a foreign national planning to visit Novo Mesto, you may need to obtain a tourist Schengen visa to gain entry to Slovenia. Get in touch with the Slovenian embassy in your country for more details.

From Ljubljana, which serves as the capital of Slovenia, take a train to Novo Mesto. The train journey between the two destinations is approximately 1 hour and 43 minutes. Alternatively, you could take the bus going to Novo Mesto from the capital. Buses are running daily from Ljubljana to Novo Mesto.

What to Do in Novo Mesto

Photo by Mark Doliner via Flickr Creative Commons

Travelers have plenty of things they can do once they arrive at Novo Mesto. If you’re planning your trip, consider checking out the following activities and tourist destinations:

Check Out Otočec Castle

The only water castle in Slovenia sits on a small island in the middle of the Krka river. Otočec Castle showcases a renaissance appearance done by Baron Ivan Lenkovič, the previous owner.

This was supposed to be a riverside castle. A river excavation, however, changed the natural flow and formed an island on which the tourist attraction now sat. You can get to Otočec Castle via a wooden bridge.

Visit Dolenjska Museum

This museum houses a valuable range of archaeological finds taken from the southern suburb of Kandija back in the 1960s. When exploring the Dolenjska Museum for the first time, do check out the jewelry (specifically the bangles of blue glass and turquoise), Celtic ceramics and the fine bronze situlae (pails) embossed with hunting and battle scenes.

Other collections in the museum complex include an excellent ethnographic collection of folk art and farm implements. You’ll also come across exhibits covering local practices, such as the making of decorative gingerbread, beekeeping and winemaking.

Visit Glvani Trg

The main square in Novo Mesto is where the hustle and bustle of town, as well as the history of the place, flow into one. While at Glvani Trg, you can take pictures of the important sights of the old town core, buy souvenirs at some of the small shops in the area and sip coffee and sit out in the lovely sunshine.

Check Out Oštarija Rudolfswerth

If you’re hungry from all your touring, consider dining at Oštarija Rudolfswerth. Although the roadside location is uninspiring, the décor is stylish and the food served here is excellent. Meals range from trout fillet to beef tenderloin. You can also order cooked fish from the Krka River. If you want something a little more familiar, you could order a pizza.

Also, the restaurant gives off a rustic charm. You’ll find that rustic brick and timber, brass buckets used as light fittings and a menu printed on handmade paper.

Visit the Cathedral of Saint Nicholas

Situated above the Old Town, this Gothic cathedral is the most important historical monument of Novo Mesto. The Cathedral of Saint Nicholas features an altar painting supposedly made by Venetian Master Jacopo Tintoretto, a belfry that once served as a medieval defense tower, wall frescoes, and a 15th-century vaulted presbytery and crypt.

If you find the church locked during your visit, don’t fret. The key is at the Provost’s House, the yellow building situated northwest of the cathedral.

Explore Grm Castle

This is the biggest castle in Novo Mesto. Grm Castle proudly stands at the top of Grm Hill. This tourist attraction showcases a gorgeous tree-lined avenue, with beginnings extending to the 16th century. When you check out the main façade, you’ll come across interesting species of trees, a stone fountain and a smaller park with a pool.

Where to Stay in Novo Mesto

If you’re looking to stay at a great hotelin Novo Mesto, do check out the Hotel Grad Otočec. This is one of the most alluring hotels in Slovenia, as it dominantly sits in the middle of the emerald Krka River.

This boutique hotel provides luxurious suites and rooms for tourists with the most discerning tastes. The air-conditioned rooms all come equipped with modern facilities, including a mini-bar, a hairdryer, a telephone, wired Internet access and a TV.

If you’re itching to travel to Europe, you should add Novo Mesto to your 2021 must-visit list. You’ll surely enjoy checking out the historic center and strolling under the arcades of Glavni Trg.

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