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Best Passport Covers/Holders To Buy In 2023

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You may not need a passport on a road trip from one city to another. After all, you’re just traveling within the country. If you are crossing an international border using your car or flying to a different country, such as Japan or Cyprus, you must carry a passport protected with the best passport covers. If you’re a frequent international flyer, you’ll want to keep your passport safe and undamaged. The last thing you want to happen when you’re in the middle of an overseas vacation is a dilapidated or lost passport.

You can better take care of your passport by investing in a quality passport cover.

Why Do I Need to Protect My Passport?

A damaged passport is a nightmare for travelers. Protect this travel document by getting a passport cover. Source: Pinterest

Traveling internationally, you’ll almost always need a passport to clear border security and immigration. You could present your passport when you must present identification by a law enforcement officer or a business establishment overseas.

Failure to protect your passport can spell a lot of headaches for travelers. The border control agent, for instance, could deny you entry into a country if your passport is unreadable or unrecognizable.

If you damage your passport while you’re in another country, you won’t be able to board the plane back home. Some countries may also detain you for attempting to travel with a damaged passport. Border control officers want to ensure that passports aren’t forged or tampered with — and damage is sometimes a sign that a travel document isn’t legit.

When you lose or damage your passport, you must head to the nearest embassy and apply for a new one. This may take considerable time and money — two things that will further ruin your trip.

Given the major inconvenience of these scenarios, you’ll need to purchase a passport cover to protect your travel document.

Do People Use Passport Covers?

Some don’t use passport wallets, as they don’t see them as essential travel gear. Having a passport holder, however, offers many perks. Here are some of them:

Protects Your Passport from Tearing and Liquid

A blotch or a tear in a passport means a game over for your travel plans, as you won’t be able to go abroad. Buying a sturdy, waterproof passport cover safeguards your passport from liquids. It also protects your travel document from normal wear and tear.

Keeps You Organized

Some passport holders feature card pockets that allow you to store more stuff. You could use that extra space to store other important documents important for travel (more on this in the next section).

It helps You Easily Identify Your Passport.

You’ll find looking for your passport in your bag easier when you put your travel document in a passport wallet. If you have a leather passport holder with a unique design or a striking color, this should be enough to catch your eye and save you time taking your travel document out of your carry-on bag.

A colorful passport cover will also help you accurately describe what your travel document looks like when you lose it and have people helping you look for it.

Safeguards Your Digital Information

Many passports issued by other countries include an RFID chip in them. Some passport holders on the market come with RFID blockers to prevent personal and sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands.

What Should I Keep in a Passport Cover?

If your passport cover has extra pockets or spaces, you’ll want to take advantage of them by storing other important stuff you can’t afford to lose. Think of it as a second wallet.

A few of the items that you can store in your passport holder apart from your passport are the following:

Travel Credit Card

This piece of plastic helps you earn airline miles or points as you spend. If you use this often, consider storing it in your passport wallet.

A Copy of Your Travel Itinerary

Although you can technically store your trip itinerary on your mobile phone, this could be a problem when your device runs out of juice or becomes damaged. When you store a copy of your itinerary in your passport holder, you can bust it out and show it to whomever you need if you ask for help.


Cash is still king in many countries. Some overseas vendors and business establishments accept only the local currency. If so, you’ll want to exchange your dollars for the country’s official currency and store that money in your passport wallet.

E-Visa Printout

Some nations require other countries to secure a travel visa in advance.

Countries such as Turkey and Australia issue e-visas that you must print out and present to the border control agent. You’ll need to store a printout of your e-visa in your passport. This way, you can present your passport and e-visa to immigration easily and simultaneously.

How Do You Clean a Passport Cover?

Viruses like COVID-19 can survive on water-resistant and non-porous surfaces, such as plastic. You, therefore, need to clean the surface of your passport cover regularly. A good way to do this is to use a disinfectant wipe that contains more than 60 percent alcohol.

Just ensure you don’t damage your passport during the cleaning process. This means not smudging or damaging airport security stickers that you’ll need to present later in your travels.

A passport is a valuable document you can’t afford to lose before and during your trip. As a traveler, you must protect it by getting a quality passport cover.

10 Best Passport Covers To Buy In 2023

A passport cover functions similarly to a book cover. You insert your passport into the cover to protect it from damage. A passport holder or cover is valuable, like a reliable wallet when traveling internationally. This is because it is an effective tool for ensuring your passport isn’t lost or damaged regardless of destination. Here are the top 10 best passport holders or covers in 2023.

1) Eoehro Passport Cover

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The Eoehro and vaccine card holders are designed to accommodate your passport and vaccine card securely. This way, you can keep all your essential travel documents in one place and ensure they are clean, well-arranged, and secure. With this holder, you can conveniently access your travel papers and show your CDC vaccination card as necessary.

Key Features

The key features of the Eoehro passport holder are:


Despite its key features, the passport wallet also has some drawbacks:

2) TIGARI Passport Wallet

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The TIGARI Passport Wallet is a convenient and secure way to store and access important travel documents, such as a passport and CDC vaccination card. It serves as both a passport and vaccination card holder, which can be especially helpful for travel in the current times. It is a recommended item to have for frequent travelers.

Key Features

The key features of the TIGARI passport wallet are:


Here are some drawbacks of the TIGARI passport holder:

3) Herain Passport Holder

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The Herain passport and vaccine card holder is crafted from premium quality, soft, comfortable, waterproof PU leather that is simple to clean. The protective cover has a fashionable and gorgeous 3D embossing design. You’ll save time locating your documents since you can quickly access them whenever needed.

The vaccination card holder is a perfect fit for the CDC vaccination card, while the passport holder is an ideal fit for your passport. The slim design is highly portable and can be easily placed in your pocket or bag, making it perfect for both men and women.

Key Features

Here are some key features of Herain passport holders:


The passport holder has the following drawbacks:

4) Frienda Passport Cover

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The Frienda Passport Cover is a lightweight, portable travel wallet that can easily fit in a handbag, pants, or coat pocket. The faux leather passport case provides security and durability, allowing you to keep important travel documents without worrying about losing them. It also makes for a thoughtful gift to share with loved ones or friends and embark on a memorable trip together.

Key Features

The key features of the Frienda Passport Cover include the following:


Even with its numerous features, the Frienda Passport Cover also has the following drawbacks:

5) ACDream Passport Wallet

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ACDream offers RFID-blocking passport holders of high-quality PU leather, perfect for your travel needs. The holders are designed with precise measurements to ensure a proper fit for your documents. You can choose your favorite color, blue, green, or red, and showcase your personality whenever you travel. The passport holder is also lightweight and slim, allowing you to easily carry it in a backpack or purse without adding extra weight to your luggage.

When traveling internationally, it’s essential to have an RFID-blocking holder for your passport and vaccine card. The RFID-blocking material is designed to prevent unauthorized scans and safeguard the vital information on your passport and credit cards. This is a handy item to have while traveling.

Key Features

Here are some key features of ACDream passport holders:


The drawbacks of the ACDream passport holder include the following:

6) Labato Passport Holder

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The Labato Passport and Vaccine Card Holder is a cleverly designed slot that can hold both your passport and vaccine card, keeping your travel essentials well-organized. It comes in different colors, making it perfect for sharing with friends and family. In addition to holding passports and vaccine cards, it can accommodate cash and cards. This makes it a functional travel accessory that fits easily into your pocket or travel bag. It can also be given to those who love to travel.

Key Features

The key features of the Labato Passport and Vaccine Card Holder include the following:


Labato Passport Card Holder has the following drawbacks:

7) WALNEW Passport Cover

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The WALNEW RFID Passport Holder Cover is a good organizer case with an elastic band closure and a faux leather lining. The CDC vaccine card, business cards, credit cards, and boarding passes all have a secure place in this package, featuring additional card slots. Moreover, with two SIM card slots and a convenient pen holder, you’ll never have to search for necessary items again! The tidy, easy-to-clean composition is accessible when needed – at the boarding gate or during transit.

Key Features

The WALNEW RFID Passport Holder also has the following key features:


The drawbacks of the WALNEW RFID Passport Holder Cover include the following:

8) Cnycmy Passport Cover

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Cnycmy Passport Holder and Vaccine Card Holder can be used for various occasions. It has a large capacity to hold at least four cards, making it ideal for travel. Many color options are available, and it has a beautiful appearance with great functionality, making it the perfect travel companion. The holder is made of high-quality PU leather and features exquisite sewing.

Key Features

The key features of the Cnycmy Passport Holder and Vaccine Card Holder include:


The Cnycmy Passport Holder and Vaccine Card Holder also have the following drawbacks:

9) RSAquar Passport Cover

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Having an RSAquar passport holder and vaccine card holder is convenient when traveling. It’s slim and lightweight, so you can easily carry it in a jacket pocket, small handbag, waist bag, or trousers. The cover is 3D embossed and durable, making it resistant to water damage and cold weather. It also has RFID-blocking technology.

Key Features

Some key features of the RSAquar passport holder and vaccine card case include:


The drawbacks of using the RSAquar passport holder include the following:

10) Melsbrinna Passport Wallet

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The Melsbrinna Premium Leather Passport Holder is a great way to keep all your travel documents, including passports, air tickets, credit cards, and cash, organized in one place. With this passport holder, you have many colors, including cute baby pink, cool denim blue, and sleek black. This passport cover also features advanced RFID Secure Technology that can block RFID signals from cards that work at 13.56 MHz, making travel safer.

Key Features

The Melsbrinna Premium Leather Passport Holder has the following features:


The drawbacks of the Melsbrinna Premium Leather Passport Holder include the following:

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for buying the best passport covers. It all depends on your needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a stylish cover with 3D embossing or an RFID-blocking holder that can hold passports and vaccine cards, plenty of options are available today. From waterproof faux leather cases to slim holders with magnetic closures – whatever your requirements may be, you’ll find something that meets them perfectly! So take some time to research before investing in any particular product, and make sure you choose wisely to avoid regretting it later.

Frequently Asked Questions: Best Passport Covers

1) Which cover is best for a passport?

The best passport covers are those made with high-quality materials. It should feature RFID-blocking technology and have a secure closure system. A good passport cover should include additional cards, boarding passes, and cash slots.

2) Which is the best passport cover manufacturer of all time?

Several brands make high-quality passport covers. Some of the top manufacturers include Frienda, ACDream, Labato, WALNEW, Cnycmy, RSAquar, and Melsbrinna.

3) What material is used in making passport covers?

Most passport covers are made of PU leather and faux leather. This type of material is waterproof, durable, lightweight, and easy to clean. It is also scratch-resistant, making it ideal for frequent travelers.

4) Are passport covers worth purchasing?

Passport covers are worth purchasing due to their multiple features and benefits. They are designed to protect your documents from damage and provide extra space for cards and cash.

5) What colors are not used for passport covers? 

The colors not typically used for passport covers include bright and neon colors since these can be difficult to read in certain lighting. Additionally, white is also a color that is not recommended since it easily gets dirty and stained.

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