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Travel Destination: Check Out Pattaya Beach

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When people think of visiting Thailand, the places that immediately come to mind are Bangkok, Phuket and sometimes even Chiang Mai. Although there’s nothing wrong with these travel destinations, many travelers tend to miss out on the other wonderful tourist attractions of the country.

If you have plans on checking out Thailand in the future, don’t simply stay in Bangkok for the entire duration of your trip. Check out the regions, as well. One of the destinations that you can visit and stay in is Pattaya Beach. You don’t want to pass up on this amazing summer vacation destination.

Where is Pattaya Beach?

Pattaya Beach is a three-kilometer long beach situated in the self-governing municipal area of Thailand. It’s 147 kilometers southeast of Bangkok.

According to the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the north beach is a quiet place for tourists to go swimming and chilling. On the other hand, the entire three kilometers along the beach is full of souvenir shops, restaurants and hotels. You can also find great Pattaya beach resorts in the area.

How to Get to Pattaya Beach

International travelers heading to Pattaya Beach can hop on a bus from Bangkok to get to the city of Pattaya. Several long-distance buses depart from the Eastern Bus Terminal of Bangkok every 30 minutes.

The trip from Bangkok to the Thailand beach resorts of Pattaya typically takes approximately two hours. The travel time, however, will depend on the volume of traffic. Thailand, unfortunately, is among the world’s worst for traffic congestion.

If you don’t like the idea of riding the bus, you could rent a car to reach Pattaya. You call the shots on which routes to take — ideal if you’re looking to avoid congested areas.

Don’t want to hit the road? You have the option to fly to Pattaya. If you want to arrive in style, you could hop on a flight from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Sattahip’s U-Tapao Airport. Then, just make your way to Pattaya Beach (minus the traffic congestion headache you’ll find in Bangkok).

What is Pattaya Beach Famous for?

When people hear about beach resorts in Pattaya, a few of the thoughts that immediately pop up are risqué shows and ladyboys. This, however, does not even begin to touch upon the many things that Pattaya Beach (and the city of Pattaya) has to offer.

Pattaya Beach is popular for its crazy nightlife. Once the sun sets, the beach along with the nearby areas transforms into a dream destination for party lovers.

Pattaya Beach is also famous for serving delicious and affordable food. You’ll find coffee peddling tuk-tuk, stationary and mobile sellers, food stalls and food carts that will satisfy your taste buds and appetite.

If you’re feeling brave or want something totally different, you could order fried insects. They go great with cold beer, by the way.

What to Do in and near Pattaya Beach

There’s a lot to do in Pattaya Beach. Apart from the usual swimming and getting a tan, consider adding these activities to your to-do list when visiting this area:

Check Out Koh Larn

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Koh Larn, also known as Coral Island, is a stunning island to visit in Pattaya. You can look forward to a brilliant day thanks to the destination’s relaxing vibe, lush forest and white sand beaches. You could go snorkeling, cruise the coast or try some watersports.

Enjoy Lunch at Mum Aroi

When you check out the fishing village of Naklua, be sure to dine at Mum Aroi, a delightful restaurant right beside the sea. Mum Aroi serves up a wonderful variety of seafood.

As you enjoy food in this busy restaurant, you can gaze out over the water and take pictures of old fishing boats bobbing on the waves. If you’re going to dine at Mum Aroi, do so at night. Have a relaxing evening while you enjoy the gentle sea breeze and a glass of wine.

Watch Cute Dolphins

Pattaya Dolphin World, which is near Pattaya Beach, is a popular tourist attraction. You can watch entertaining dolphins along with animal trainers swimming with these marine creatures.

Party Like an Animal in Walking Street

Photo by Roman Lashkin via Flickr Creative Commons

Despite what tour guides may tell you, no other street in Thailand comes close to Walking Street. This 500-meter long street is full of beer bars, go-go bars and nightclubs. This street is almost dead during the day. It does, however, come alive when darkness falls. Expect tourists, loud music and neon lights to infiltrate your senses.

Check Out the Four Regions Floating Market

If you’re looking to buy souvenirs, do check out the Pattaya Floating Market. You’ll find this particular market split into four regions: central, south, northeast and north. Each section sells products that represent that part of Thailand.

If you want to experience the best of what the Four Regions Floating Market has to offer, hire a small boat.

You won’t go wrong when you spend your summer vacation at Pattaya Beach. This fantastic destination is an opportunity to hit the waves, relax, have plenty of fun, meet the locals and discover the beauty and hospitality of Thai culture.

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