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Asking Wedding Guests to Travel? Tips to Consider

Many engaged couples choose to have their weddings in unique venues, often far away from their hometowns or current places of residence. They want to create a memorable event and an experience their guests will never forget. According to a study by Wedding Wire, 80% of couples said their wedding was more meaningful if it was held in a unique location. Additionally, 72% of the same couples said that their guests raved about the fantastic venue after the wedding.

The unique locations chosen for weddings can range from breathtaking beachfront spots to luxurious mountain lodges and even rustic outdoor barns. A fantastic site provides an exciting atmosphere and an excellent backdrop for photos, videos, and memories. Not only does it give the couple a chance to make their day special, but it also gives every guest an opportunity to explore a new destination and make lasting memories with each other and the couple-to-be.

On top of creating unforgettable memories, selecting a destination wedding can come with significant cost savings compared to hosting an event closer to home. A 2020 survey found that destination weddings were, on average, 20-30% less expensive than local weddings when all costs were considered – including travel expenses like flights or hotels for guests if necessary.

However, engaged couples must always prioritize their family and friends when deciding. Here are a few things to consider when asking wedding guests to travel far for your wedding.

Finalize Details as Early as Possible

Setting the time, date, and location of the wedding is essential in ensuring that all guests can decide whether or not they should attend. When deciding on a date and location for a destination wedding, it’s best to provide guests with as much advance notice as possible. This allows them enough time to plan their travel arrangements, book their flights or accommodations, and factor any extra expenses into their budget.

Additionally, having the details finalized well in advance allows wedding guests to purchase cheaper airline tickets through budget airlines or take advantage of promotional discounts when booking hotels. Many airlines and hotels offer significant savings for those who book several weeks or months ahead. It also allows couples to chart a timeline for other necessary steps, such as ordering invitations, finding vendors, designing decorations, and selecting menus.

You can start the planning by getting your ideal wedding venue. The place will determine the date, as many sites are booked months in advance. Once you have that down, you can start looking into flights and hotels for guests.

Provide Financial Assistance

Wedding guests accommodated courtesy of the bride and groom

It’s understandable if couples don’t have the budget to cover their guests’ travel expenses. However, providing some assistance will help their loved ones attend their wedding in style. Here are a few areas where you can lend a helping hand:

Flight and transportation

The couple can focus on airfare for long-distance trips or offer transportation to and from the airport or other nearby destinations. If you have enough budget, providing guests with rental cars is also a great idea if they plan on venturing beyond the wedding site. Taking care of the transportation costs will make wedding guests feel more confident in confirming attendance.

Hotel accommodations

Couples should cover their guests’ stay in a nearby hotel during the wedding weekend if possible. This will further incentivize them to attend your special event without worrying about travel expenses that may be too costly.


If any excursions are planned before or after the wedding, like city tours or beach outings, consider offering discounts for your guests so they can enjoy the local attractions at discounted rates.


Finally, you can show your appreciation for their attendance with a gift. It doesn’t have to be significant; even small tokens of gratitude, like custom travel mugs or T-shirts, are excellent ideas. If going to your wedding is already arduous, you can ask your guests to avoid giving you and your partner a gift. That way, they can use their money to cover the expenses of attending your wedding.

Add More Details to the Invitation


The invitation needs to inform guests with more details if the venue is far from home. You can include a map of the exact location (with directions) and a list of nearby hotels or other accommodations. The invite should also contain contact information for your wedding planner and any other critical local contacts in case there are last-minute changes to the plan.

You may also want to consider adding a small note about etiquette, such as asking guests to avoid bringing their children if the destination isn’t kid-friendly or is too far away, informing them what type of clothing is appropriate (if you’re hosting an outdoor beach wedding), and reminding them that they must have valid passports or visas if traveling out of the country.

Final Thoughts

Asking wedding guests to travel far for your special day can be difficult, but it can make the event more meaningful and memorable. Please provide as much information as possible and offer assistance whenever possible. Doing so will not only guarantee that your family and friends make it to the wedding, but they’ll also feel appreciated and welcomed.

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