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Best Hanging File Organizers To Buy Online [Premium Products]

file organizer
  • Paper file organizers are the most commonly used office supplies that keep important papers neat and organized.
  • Trending hanging file organizers can be made of recycled materials, linen, and metal mesh.
  • Always measure your file cabinets and drawers before purchasing a hanging folder organizer.
  • Look for hanging file organizers with insertable tab options to help you visualize the files. Use color-coded tabs to find important files easily.
  • Project or document cases are a great alternative to hanging file folders that fit nicely in drawers.

If you’re ever in the office looking for a specific document you need but can’t find it in the pile of scattered paperwork, it might be a good time to learn about the organization of files. Enter hanging file organizers!

Stop finding temporary ways to organize your files. Research the different types of hanging files and dividers and what they offer. For example, a standard shared hanging file folder has 1 to 7 compartments, while a legal hanging file can have up to 11 dividers. More file dividers mean your documents will be more organized.

Whether you’re working from home or the office or simply need a system to organize your bills, magazines, and forms and eliminate the clutter, having a file organizer will save you from many headaches.

Next comes the list of the best 10 hanging file organizers for 2023 you’d enjoy browsing through. Check out our detailed buyer’s guide and hopefully find the best hanging folders for home purposes or office paperwork.

List Of Top 10 Hanging File Organizers In 2023

file organizers

From the basics to the more advanced models, here is our list of the best hanging file organizers with compartments and pockets to keep your files, documents, sheets, and everything in between neat and organized.

1) Amazon Basics


Amazon Basics

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The Amazon Basics Hanging File Folders are the ultimate addition to your workspace. They offer great storage capacity for storing your important files; most importantly, you’ll always have them at hand. They are super durable and have coated tips for easy placement into your file folder.

Those who appreciate an eco-friendly approach will be happy to know these folders are good for the environment. They are made of 10% recycled materials, helping you protect and label your sheets and files to de-clutter like a pro. You can fit letter-sized documents and file folders up to 8.5 x 11 inches. You’ll find transparent plastic tabs with replaceable white inserts for labels or color coding.

Key Features

  • It contains 25 folders, tabs, and inserts
  • The file folders fit letter-sized paper
  • They are made of partially recycled plastic


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Manufactured from post-consumer material
  • Materials are resistant to wear-and-tear


  • The hanger’s hook is somewhat shallow

2) Blue Summit Supplies

Keep all your important office papers in one place with the hanging folders from Blue Summit Supplies. With one of these folders, your desk or home office space will always be neat and tidy. The measurements of the hanging file folders are 11.69 inches x 9.21 inches, with the option to expand a few inches.

The design makes it easy to store many documents or standard-size letter paperwork. Thanks to the flat, square bottom that expands, you can be sure your important files and papers are well organized and won’t poke through the top. The storage capacity is boosted with a reinforced cardboard base and can hold more papers than typical V-shaped file organizers.

Key Features

  • The file can fit 8-1/2 inch x 11-inch papers, documents, manuals, etc.
  • The folders come with 30 plastic tabs
  • Made of cardboard and plastic


  • Can support over 100 files
  • 5-tab folder design
  • Coated metal hanging rods for solid grip and sliding


  • Only one color option is available

3) Klickpick Office

Protect and organize your important files, magazines, documents, bills, etc., with Klickpick Office’s super sturdy, heavy-duty hanging file organizer. This 10-sectional file organizer will help you organize your paperwork by acting as a mail sorter to maintain a clutter-free desk environment. You can also buy them with 5-section or 8-section racks.

Transform your hallway! Mount it on your wall and neatly store prized mail and stationery in the compartments. Store your kid’s school projects and to-do lists there as well. This way, they’ll remember to pick them up as they leave the house. Made of paper and metal, this stylish hanging file organizer makes a great addition to your workspace, keeping all of your worksheets, important files, and documents neat in one place.

Key Features

  • Made of durable file pockets with a powder coat finish
  • Mounts well on any wall (mounting screws and hardware included)
  • The product size measures are 34.25″ x 12.4″ x 3.8″


  • Easy to uninstall and relocate
  • Stylish mesh design that complements all working/home spaces
  • Delivers great vertical storage capacity


  • The frame can bend under pressure

4) Hippo

Hippo is a company specializing in pocket charts in classrooms, at your workspace, in kids’ rooms, kitchens, and pretty much anywhere else you could use a storage system. Hippo’s wall file organizers are particularly designed to fit most doors and offer seamless paperwork organizing and easy access.

This hanging file organizer is made of durable Nylon with sturdy grommets and solid Grade A stitching that won’t lose shape. Some alternatives to traditional pocket charts are made of linen. The package contains over-door hangers, allowing the organizer to hold 300 sheets of A4-type papers. The pocket organizer also has pockets designed for name tags (labels, folders, and names not included). The hanging organizer measures 14″ x 47″, whereas the pockets are 13″ wide x 7″ long for great storage capacity.

Key Features

  • The organizer is made of super-durable Nylon
  • It fits most doors without drilling (uses stainless steel door hangers)
  • A great option for letter paper and regular-size folders


  • Made of nylon with grade-A stitching
  • The material lays nicely on surfaces
  • Great alternative for desk drawers


  • Does not fit legal-sized paper or folders

5) Easepres

The five tiers on this wall file organizer will help you de-clutter your desk and file cabinet while keeping all your paperwork in one place. You can safely store and organize your files, favorite folders, and important documents vertically.

This wall-mounted file organizer can be a great addition to your house and office supplies due to its stylish mesh design that fits most working or home environments. The 5 tilted compartments with label panels offer immediate access to what you’re looking for.

The Easepres organizer fits letter/A4 size paper, folders, mail, books, pamphlets, magazines, etc. The bottom, flat compartment is an excellent place to store accessories and supplies.

You can use the organizer as a standalone desk file organizer or put it up on a wall (hardware is included). Th product’s mesh metal construction is sturdy and durable, offering better value and functionality than wooden or plastic organizers that can break easily. You can choose between a black or silver organizer to match the colors in your home or office.

Key Features

  • It has a durable metal mesh design
  • It’s great as a free-standing file organizer on a desk or hung on walls
  • The product measures are 16.7 x 13.2 x 3.7 inches


  • Easy to sort papers by date, category, importance, etc.
  • It doesn’t break easily
  • Easily fits a 1″ binder


  • Does not fit legal-size paperwork

6) EasyPAG

Thanks to its durable metal structure, the EasyPAG is a great hanging file organizer that’s both elegant-looking and efficient. The mesh metal construction allows for easy viewing of the contents, while the powder coat finish keeps rust and oxidation out of the way.

Depending on the aesthetic you prefer, you can find the EasyPAG in two color options: gray (silver) and black. Whichever color you choose, you can rest assured you’ll always spot what you’re looking for, thanks to the metal mesh design.

Use it for home purposes or at the office. The five tiers on this hanging file organizer will double as vertical pockets with small labels for document classification. The extra bottom tray is great for keeping office supplies and trinkets.

This organizer can stand on its own and double as a file cabinet, or you can hang it on a wall (screws included). Whichever way you choose, you can rest assured you have enough vertical space for all important files and papers.

Key Features

  • Has a sturdy metal mesh design
  • It can be used as a charging station for tablets
  • The dimensions of the product are 1 2.75 x 4.1 x 16 inch


  • Huge variety of design options
  • A perfect hanging file organizer for garages or humid environments
  • Doubles as a file cabinet


  • Papers larger than 7″ might curl over

7) Essex Wares

This hanging file organizer is a good fit if you use pocket charts for everyday paperwork. The design of this sturdy pocket chart includes 10 letter-sized pockets that can store any type of paper for easy access.

You can hang it anywhere – kitchen, craft studio, or office. Designed with three heavy-duty grommets that attach to most hooks, the Essex Wares pocket charts will easily blend in with the rest of your working environment. This handy pocket chart comes in only one color option (black), but you can easily spruce it up if you prefer so (especially if you’re a teacher).

Keep important paperwork organized and protected from spills, tears, etc. The Essex Wares’ hanging file organizer is made of durable polyester that’s created to last. Each of the 10 pockets measures 13.25″ wide and 6.5″ deep, whereas the whole organizer is 47″ tall, 14″ wide, and 0.25″ thick. You’ll find that it fits letter-sized papers perfectly.

Key Features

  • It’s made from lasting plastic-coated 420D polyester fabric
  • Comes with 3 top grommets for easy hanging on most hooks
  • Thick and durable, it won’t tear easily


  • Great for storing paper folders
  • Perfect for teachers and storing teaching materials
  • Perfect for home offices with limited space


  • Won’t fit legal-sized papers or folders

8) Neaterize

Are you in need of an all-in-one solution for your office paperwork? You’ve just found it! Neaterize helps you organize and store your folders in this handy, nice-looking hanging file organizer. You can find the Neaterize hanging file organizer in 7 colors: black, white, gray, pink, purple, blue, and navy. Because of the product’s popularity, some color options may not be available at the moment of purchase.

Fan of color coding? Great! Neaterize’s product is perfect for it — organize all your paperwork by color and place it inside the 5 tiers of the wall organizer for easy spotting and reach. You can use it as the ultimate storage-enhancing solution in the office or your house. Hang it on a wall to hold your notebooks, files, and folders in one place. It can also double as a standalone file folder organizer placed neatly on your desk.

This mountable file folder organizer’s sturdy and reliable construction allows you to keep loads of paper weight without falling, bowing, bending, or breaking.

Key Features

  • There are 7 colors to choose from
  • Measures 12.5 in length, 4 in width, and 16 inches high
  • There are no sharp edges


  • Can fit 12” papers
  • No assembly needed
  • Portable


  • Bigger than 2” three-ring binders might not fit

9) Officemate

Organize files and folders inside your existing file cabinet with Officemate’s organizer. Here’s a smart way to store and stock your papers inside drawers without buying an extra item. The Officemate is specifically created for letter-size files and fits perfectly in office cabinets 14″ to 18″ deep.

The pack comes with two frames, one for the front and the other one for the back of the drawer. Rest assured that the heavy-duty steel construction will hold everything in place. The frames are steel, meaning this file cabinet organizer is very durable. You can find the frames (rails) in different lengths that are easily adjusted. You only need to snap the frame at the point you prefer, and it will fit nicely in the drawer.

Key Features

  • Contains breakaway notches every half inch of the length for optimal adjustment
  • The measurements include: height 9 1/8 inches, width 12 5/8 inches, and length 14 to 18 inches
  • A coated steel heavy-duty construction


  • Perfect for maximizing storage space within file cabinets
  • Great for small office spaces
  • Solid match for standard cabinet drawers


  • Not for A4 documents

10) Samstar

This file folder box is one of those supply boxes you can easily incorporate into any working environment. For instance, you can place it on top of working desks or inside drawers for the ultimate storage solution. If you’re used to working with labels, you can easily spot them in the box, thanks to the mesh metal design. Some box organizers are also made of linen instead of metal.

Place your papers and documents in folders and store them in the box file organizer so they don’t take up any space on your office desk. Samstar’s file box is great for holding hanging folders, letter-size files, magazines, newspapers, mail, books, notebooks, and more.

Samstar is a renowned manufacturer of office supplies, so if you choose some of their products, you can rest assured you’ll be getting your money’s worth. Whether looking for storage-saving options at home or the office, Samstar’s foldable hanging file-organizing crate is easy to move from one place to another without losing track of your paper stock.

Key Features

  • Made of durable metal mesh material
  • It holds up to 100 file folders
  • Dimensions: 14.17″ x 12.5″ x 10.23″ (WxDxH)


  • Portable
  • Foldable
  • Made by a reliable manufacturer


  • Legal-size papers might be tricky to fit

How To Pick The Right File Organizer For Your Needs?

A Person Looking Through a Cardboard File Organizer

Knowing which hanging folder organizer is best for your office (or home) needs is not always as straightforward as it seems. The fact that there are a lot of different manufacturers and organizers makes it rather tricky. Several factors affect the choice you make. For instance, a pocket chart is the best hanging folder for a teacher. On the other hand, paralegals, for example, will use sturdy file folder boxes to hold large quantities of paper.

Before you make a final decision, consider the following factors.


The materials used to create hanging file organizers will directly influence the item’s price and reliability. In other words, a mesh metal file organizer is more reliable than a thin plastic one.

Paper organizers are usually constructed using either sturdy plastic or durable metal. Both materials offer exceptional protection against damage, ensuring your files remain secure. Metallic organizers are considered a more eco-friendly option. Reliable manufacturers often use heavy-duty materials that can withstand quite the paper load.

Metal mesh is the number 1 material used in hanging file organizers to ensure the organizer will endure the paper load.


The size of a hanging file organizer is another consideration for storing documents, files, and folders because it affects the storage capacity. If you visit the website of an office supply store, you’ll find sections of hanging file organizers intended for:

  • letter-sized papers only
  • all-size papers
  • large-size paper hanging file boxes
  • pockets
  • drawer frames, etc.

Always measure the space where you’ll place the file organizer, especially if you are looking for file folder storage boxes to fit in drawers. In addition, when maximizing the storage space in your home office that isn’t very big, choose standard letter-sized, hanging file organizers with more compartments.

Number of Racks

If the main reason for buying an organizer is to store your bills, magazines, and some stationary, then you won’t need a 10-rack file folder organizer. You can find single-rack file organizers, double-rack, 5-tier file folder organizers, and even 10-pocket file organizers. The number of racks/tiers/pockets also affects the price.

If you’re handling a lot of paperwork daily and need to know where your file folders are, go for hanging file organizers with more compartments, racks, or pockets. If you’re looking for a space-saving option to organize your files and folders in your house, begin by looking for file organizers with fewer tiers and racks.

Know Your Purpose

Before you buy a file folder organizer, understand the purpose of buying one. Are you looking to organize your files and documents for easy access or store them for safekeeping? To organize them, go for a box, but if you want to boost your repository capacity, go for vertical tier organizers.

Suppose you’re working for a large company that manages massive quantities of paper in different dimensions. In that case, vertical file organizers will maximize the storage space and allow you to maintain a good workflow.

In addition, if you would rather not waste time going through folders individually to find a paper, choose metal mesh organizers. These are see-through and will allow easy access to documents.


The capacity of a hanging file organizer will affect its price and purpose. If all you need is a traditional organizer, choose one you can mount on a door or use as a standalone file organizer on desks.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of documents and papers to store, look for organizers with substantially larger capacity and more compartments or pockets than usual. That way, you can store more in one organizer than purchase several with less capacity to store the same quantity.

Locking Feature

Some reputable file organizers can be designed with a locking mechanism. This option is particularly useful if you use a hanging file organizer in the office or a place with much foot traffic. Typically, these workspace file organizers use a key, password, or code to lock the contents so you can rest assured that no one else has access. However, these storage items are not so common, but you might find a website or two that carry them.

Fire and Water Protection

Just like traditional safes, some file organizers are coated with a special film that’s fire and water-resistant. The documents will be protected if you keep the file organizer on your desk and accidentally spill something. In all fairness, if you’re looking for wholesome fire and water protection, consider purchasing a safe rather than relying on hanging file organizers to deliver more than they’re designed for.

15 Tips To Use Hanging File Organizers At Home And Offices

Before you decide on a hanging file organizer from the above manufacturers, here are a few tips on what to look out for.

  1. To avoid working in a constrained space, do your best to ensure the desk you use, the file cabinet, the file organizer, the sofa, and other accompanying furniture are the right size.
  2. Use the organizer for your file folders to store power cords from the laptop, lamp, and other electronics safely in one place. Label all your important files by tabs.
  3. When you label tabs, be as specific as possible and forget about using the word miscellaneous.
  4. When organizing the folders in your drawers, place all tabs from the hanging file folders in front of the file.
  5. If you work in a public space and deal with many sensitive papers, using a portable hanging file organizer will help.
  6. Use a soft-material cloth to clean the hanging file organizers’ surfaces.
  7. As a rule of thumb, if a file becomes thicker than an inch, it’s a sign to divide it into smaller sections.
  8. To avoid cluttering your organizer and to free up space for new documents, find out how long you need to keep certain important files. For example, bank and credit card statements (only up to 1 month), loan paper documents, and investment documents will be kept as long as the loan is repaid.
  9. Birth certificates, divorce paper records, marriage licenses, social security cards, military paper records, house deeds, car titles, and wills/trusts will be kept forever. Store them and label them properly for easy access when needed.
  10. Keep Bills and Utility Papers in Pocket Charts and Work Docs in File Folders
  11. If you prefer to take your files and folders home, use an expandable file folder.
  12. Choose acid-free file folders to make sure your papers and folders won’t turn yellow and frail over time.
  13. Use color coding to divide the file folders by type of documents, paid or due bills/loans, etc.
  14. Use the file organizer to sort the documents alphabetically or chronologically to keep track of activities and projects.
  15. Select the right size, number of racks, and type of organizer that suits your needs. Otherwise, it will be useless, and you’ll throw it in the trash.


file organizer

Assess all factors when looking for the best hanging file organizer for your office needs. Luckily, you won’t have to search high and low to find what works for you — the links we provided will take you straight to the 10 best hanging file organizers. Plus, if you’re prepping for a summer vacation, you can find some of the best-rated passport covers.

A nice, organized workflow will help you boost your efficacy, whether working from home or the office. Hanging file organizers or free-standing file organizers are a great addition to your workstation — use them as charging stations for your electronic devices, as keeping stationery and everything else you need for your work. Separating your paperwork can help you keep a clutter-free workspace and always find what you want. If you work from home, keep your work papers in file folders in file cabinets and your bills and utility papers in a pocket chart.

Avoid folders containing acid: However odd it may sound, file folders can contain acid that’ll eat away your papers. Also, remember to stay within budget; don’t splurge unless necessary. Keep your paper documents in hanging file folders made of plastic (these are the cheapest).

FAQs About File Organizers

1) Which is the best file organizer brand to buy online?

Several factors influence the ranking of the best file organizer brand. Any manufacturers we’ve included in our buyer’s guide are a great option for sturdiness and efficiency. All in all, it comes down to personal preference.

2) What materials are used in making a hanging file organizer?

Hanging file organizers are made of metal, cardboard, polyester, hard plastic, and linen. Some other materials include manila paper, PVC, and leather. You’ll most commonly find good storage organizers made of sturdy cardboard and metal mesh.

3) Are there any alternatives for hanging file folders?

There sure are. Document boxes and pocket charts are a great alternative to standard hanging file folders. Also, if you aren’t a fan of hanging file folders, you can find the so-called project cases or document cases to fit all your papers and files inside.

4) Is it worth investing in hanging file folders?

Depending on your needs and workspace, a hanging file folder can be a great solution to rid yourself of clutter and neatly store your paperwork.

5) Which is the best hanging file organizer for office purposes?

Hanging file organizers in 5-tier varieties are best used for office work, given the amount of paperwork.

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