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Flying First Class with Emirates? Here’s What You Should Know

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When you’re traveling overseas on a long-haul flight, many desire to fly first class. Traveling on first class (or business class) is less stressful, allows you to get some work done, allows you to enjoy complimentary food and drinks and arrive at your destination refreshed — especially if you’re on a red eye flight.

If you see yourself traveling abroad for business or leisure, you’ll want to fly with a great airline, such as Emirates. When you do, consider booking an Emirates first class ticket, so you can arrive at your destination pampered and in style.

How Much Does an Emirates First Class Ticket Cost?

There’s no denying that first class tickets are expensive. Still, you could fly Emirates first class if you have the budget.

The price of an Emirates first class ticket will depend on where you’ll go. This could be hundreds or even thousands of dollars (or miles). The cost doesn’t have a fixed value, so do check with the airline to find how much you’ll need to pay. You can expect to shell out more if you’re taking long-haul flights.

If long flights aren’t in the cards for you, some shorter flights could give you the Emirates first class experience for slightly less (but still a lot more expensive than economy).

Travel tip: look outside the United States and use Emirates to hop between other locations.

What Does an Emirates First Class Ticket Include?

You’re paying a lot of money for an Emirates first class ticket, which means that you’ll get to enjoy superb service and attention from the airline.

Here’s what you’ll enjoy when you travel first class with Emirates:

Great Pre-Flight Experience

Your Emirates first class experience starts before you even hop on a plane. First class passengers won’t have to worry about missing their flight, thanks to the airline’s Chauffeur-drive service. This service will pick you up and drive you to the airport. It will also collect you at your destination airport and drive you to your chosen location.

Once passengers arrive at the airport, they have access to the Emirates first class lounge. This premium airport lounge has world-class facilities, including an elevated dining experience, cigar bars and luxury shower spas.

When boarding time comes, Emirates first class passengers have direct access to the aircraft from the lounge.

Private Plane Seat and Space

When you step aboard the plane, you’ll enter a fully enclosed and private suite. You’ll enjoy one of the best seats on the plane, as Emirates first class suites offer full privacy with a floor-to-ceiling door and wall.

You won’t need to worry about seat pitch, as there’s room to stretch out fully. Your seat converts to a fully flat bed. You can call the crew to set this up for a night of sleep.

Fine Dining

Emirates first class
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Unlike economy wherein there’s a set mealtime, first class passengers can order food on demand. Passengers can simply ask for the Emirates first class menu at any time during the flight.

The quality of airline food served is some of the world’s best. Emirates works with the best food suppliers and chefs in the globe to provide you with delicious meals inspired by your destination. If you’re heading to Australia, for instance, you could find Australian Angus beef on the menu.

Besides food, you could order exclusive whiskeys, champagnes and limited edition wines.

Quality Entertainment

Emirates first class passengers will enjoy watching from a personal widescreen that acts as a private cinema. Premium headphones, which come with noise-canceling features, deliver an immersive entertainment experience.

If your first class suite doesn’t have windows, don’t fret. You can check out the “virtual window,” which connects to cameras and provide you a view outside the aircraft.

Wonderful Amenities

Emirates first class passengers will get top-of-the-line amenity kits from the airline. On top of the standard stuff you get from the airline (lotion, toothbrush, eye mask for sleeping), you’ll find a small glass bottle of perfume made by Bulgari.

When you settle in your suite, you’ll soon find a metal bowl full of packaged premium sweet and salty snacks. You may, for instance, find a small bar of Butler’s Chocolate to help you enjoy the nice flight.

If you’re looking to minimize the effects of jet lag, you may find rehydrating tablets in the snack basket. Simply pop one of these tablets into the water every four hours to help improve your flying experience.

Relaxing Shower

Emirates first class passengers have the privilege of showering in a private cabin. Source: Pinterest

A shower at 40,000 feet? That’s Emirates for you.

First class passengers will have the opportunity to book a shower appointment. You have private use of the shower cabin for a maximum of 30 minutes. Take note, though, that you can only use a maximum of five minutes’ worth of water while you’re in the shower. You can turn the flow on and off easily while you soap up.

After a refreshing shower, don’t forget to use the hairdryer and plush towels.

Is Flying Emirates First Class Worth the Money?

You may think that spending thousands of dollars on an Emirates First Class ticket is expensive. The first class suite, however, is definitely worth the splurge. Apart from the fact that you get to shower in the air (which is cool in itself), you’ll enjoy a wide range of amenities to enhance your traveling experience.

If you want to arrive at your destination in style and have more-than-enough travel funds, consider booking an Emirates First Class suite. Don’t let the cost scare you away. After all, Emirates offers one of the best flight experiences possible.

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