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How to Make the Most of Experiences at Korean Restaurants

Korean restaurants have a long-standing history in the United States, but have recently risen dramatically in popularity. At these restaurants, you can choose the food you want, and then cook it the way you want it to be cooked, with all the sauces and sides of your choosing. People love the variety and freedom of these restaurants, so their popularity is skyrocketing.

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You may be confused about the first time you visit Korean restaurants as the cooking guidelines may not be clear. The presenter in the embedded video goes into great detail about what to expect and how to make the most of your experience.

First, the presenter discusses what dishes are most common. She reviews which dishes include which meat and veggies, as restaurants often use the Korean name for the food. There are options like beef, chicken, and pork as the main dishes, and bean sprouts, radishes, and others for sides.

Many Korean establishments also offer alcoholic drinks, and the favorite is called soju. It’s a Korean rice alcohol similar to vodka but with a much lower alcohol percentage.

The presenter then reviews how she prefers to combine her meat and veggies, and how she cooks each of the meats. A viewer new to the Korean restaurant experience will have all the information they need after this video.

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