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How to Tell Apart Real Wasabi Vs Fake

Authentic wasabi is quite rare. Therefore, distinguishing real wasabi vs fake wasabi can be challenging. The YouTube video explores the topic in more detail and discusses what you can look for to spot the real from the fake.

Real Wasabi Vs Fake Wasabi: What’s The Difference?

Visually, you can spot the real from the fake. Real wasabi has a pale green color, while fake wasabi has a brighter, more vibrant shade of green.

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In addition, the texture of the wasabi will tell you if it’s real or not. Real wasabi has a smoother, creamier texture, while imitation wasabi has a grainier, more gel-like texture.

Furthermore, the aroma of real wasabi is more spicy and slightly sweet, while its counterpart lacks this feature. Authentic wasabi delivers a complex flavor profile with hints of heat, sweetness, and earthiness. Fake wasabi might taste overly sharp or lack depth in flavor. In addition, you may find that real wasabi has a lingering heat that gradually builds, while fake wasabi is harsher with an immediate burn. Lastly, real wasabi is significantly more expensive due to its rarity.

Various factors help to distinguish real from fake wasabi. From color, texture, aroma, and price to the heat. If you’re looking for real wasabi, then this information may assist you in selecting the real wasabi from the fake.


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