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10 Most Popular Restaurants On The Hill

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Dining goes beyond satisfying hunger – a delightful experience that brings people together. Eating out has become a social event, an opportunity to relax, have meaningful conversations, and discover new culinary delights. It’s a small yet significant adventure that many eagerly anticipate, especially when the destination is known for its delightful eateries.

One notable destination is “The Hill”. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, it is renowned for its historic Italian neighborhood and offers a wide range of dining options, from casual fast-food eateries to upscale restaurants. The Hill’s rich cultural heritage is deeply intertwined with its food scene, making it a coveted spot for locals and tourists.

This article provides a curated list of the 10 most popular restaurants on The Hill and aims to guide food enthusiasts through the dining options available. For those seeking a remarkable dining experience, these restaurants are a must-visit.

List Of 10 Most Popular Restaurants On The Hill

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Restaurant 1: Charlie Gitto’s ‘On The Hill’

Charlie Gitto’s ‘On The Hill’ is a hallmark of Italian dining in the heart of The Hill neighborhood in St. Louis, located at 5226 Shaw Avenue. Renowned for its blend of traditional Italian dishes with a modern touch, the restaurant offers a range of delicacies, from steaks to contemporary Italian cuisine. It’s not just the alluring food; the ambiance complements the dining experience with a refined yet cozy atmosphere.

Notable dishes include their Toasted Ravioli and Seafood Pasta Suzanne, among others. The restaurant has been well-received by patrons, boasting a rating of 4.8 on OpenTable and 4.3 on Yelp, suggesting a solid recommendation for special occasions and fine wine selections​.

Restaurant 2: Mama’s on The Hill

Situated at 2132 Edwards St, Mama’s on The Hill, also known as Mama Campisi’s, stands as a historical emblem in St. Louis’s Italian dining scene. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a journey back in time to the roots of Italian-American cuisine.

Mama’s is famed for being the birthplace of Toasted Ravioli, a dish that came to life through a delightful culinary mishap in the early 1940s. With a menu offering a wide variety of Italian dishes alongside vegetarian and vegan options, it caters to a broad spectrum of food enthusiasts. The ambiance reflects a blend of tradition and hospitality, making every dining experience memorable. Notable mentions from their menu include meatballs, house salads, and seafood ravioli, among other delectable Italian dishes.

Restaurant 3: Cunetto House of Pasta

Cunetto House of Pasta, nestled at 5453 Magnolia Ave, is a longstanding favorite among locals and visitors alike. The restaurant embodies the essence of Italian culinary tradition with a touch of modernity. It’s not just the scrumptious from-scratch sauces and pasta that draw people in, but also the inviting atmosphere that makes diners feel at home. The menu is a delightful journey through Italian culinary traditions, featuring a wide range of classic dishes.

Cunetto’s has a reputation for being a place where food is synonymous with family, and every meal celebrates authentic Italian flavors. A visit to Cunetto’s is often accompanied by a little wait, hinting at its popularity, but the wait is well worth it as patrons can relax in the cocktail lounge. The restaurant has garnered positive reviews for its authentic Italian offerings and congenial ambiance.

Restaurant 4: Lorenzo’s Trattoria

Lorenzo’s Trattoria, located at 1933 Edwards St in St. Louis, MO, carves a unique niche in the Hill’s food scene by offering Northern Italian fare with a contemporary twist. It’s recognized as a neighborhood gem ideal for special occasions and business meals. With a 4.7 rating on OpenTable, the restaurant has gained popularity for blending classic and modern Italian cuisine, something that’s less common in The Hill area, known for its traditional Italian eateries.

Lorenzo’s prides itself on being the only Northern Italian restaurant on The Hill, and this distinction is something they take seriously as ambassadors of this cuisine. The restaurant offers a varied menu catering to different tastes, preferences, and dietary restrictions​.

Restaurant 5: Dominic’s on The Hill

Dominic’s on The Hill, positioned at 5101 Wilson Ave, is a cherished establishment in St. Louis dating back to 1971. The restaurant has been a dominant name for fine dining on The Hill. One of the unique features is the owner, Dominic Galati, who often serenades guests at their table, adding a personal touch to the dining experience. The ambiance exudes old-school class with gilded mirrors and statues, enhancing the fine dining experience.

The menu at Dominic’s reflects authentic Italian cuisine, with daily offerings of fresh fish, sumptuous veal, beef, lamb, chicken, and homemade pasta. The restaurant was once crowned by Condé Nast Traveler as one of the top two Italian eateries in the U.S., showcasing its standing in the culinary world. Moreover, the restaurant provides a comprehensive wine list to complement the meal, making it a well-rounded dining experience. Reservations are strongly encouraged, reflecting its popularity and the high demand for a table at this esteemed establishment.

Restaurant 6: Zia’s on The Hill

Zia’s on The Hill, located at 5256 Wilson Ave, St. Louis, MO, is a family-owned and operated establishment known for its Italian and seafood offerings. Established in 1985, Zia’s has a rich history and was recognized as a St. Louis Landmark in 2000. The restaurant provides a casual Italian dining experience, with a notable dish being their $10.50 Toasted Ravioli.

The ambiance at Zia’s is akin to being invited to a friend’s home rather than a restaurant, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for diners. The restaurant has been well-received, with a rating of 4.0 on Yelp, and is also known for its outdoor seating and full bar​.

Restaurant 7: Anthonino’s Taverna

Anthonino’s Taverna, situated at 2225 Macklind Ave, St. Louis, MO, is a family-owned eatery that uniquely blends Italian and Greek cuisines. This blend reflects the heritage of the owning brothers, Anthony & Rosario Scarato, whose father is a first-generation Italian-American and their mother is Greek. The establishment has been a popular spot on The Hill since 2003, offering a modern-style dining environment while retaining some historic charm from its original structure built in 1939.

Anthonino’s Taverna has been featured on the television show Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives in 2012. The restaurant holds a 4.6 rating on OpenTable and a 4.4 rating on Yelp, showcasing its popularity and quality of food and service.

Restaurant 8: Favazza’s

Favazza’s, located at 5201 Southwest Ave, St. Louis, MO, is a part of the historic Italian neighborhood on The Hill. With a seating capacity of 300, Favazza’s is a full-service Italian restaurant serving thousands of guests every week. The establishment offers a range of Italian dishes, with mentions of garlic bread and Best Cavatelli Com Broccoli among the highlighted dishes on review sites.

The ambiance at Favazza’s is said to have a great atmosphere with reasonable prices and attentive service, making it a favorable choice for diners. The restaurant has been reviewed as a place with good value for money, service, and atmosphere, holding a 4.0 rating on Tripadvisor.

Restaurant 9: Milo’s Bocce Garden

Milo’s Bocce Garden, located at 5201 Wilson Ave, St. Louis, MO, is a staple on The Hill, offering simple Italian and American fare in a unique setting. Known for its bocce ball court, Milo’s provides a different dining experience where guests can enjoy a game of bocce alongside their meal. The cuisine primarily includes Italian, bar food, pizza, and pub meals, with a special mention of their fantastic meatball sandwich and grilled wings.

Milo’s has evolved over the past 25 years, with Thursday nights being jam-packed due to bocce ball league play. The establishment is known for its casual, tavern-like atmosphere and is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Tripadvisor and 8.5 out of 10 on Foursquare, indicating its popularity among locals and visitors alike.

Restaurant 10: Rigazzi’s

Rigazzi’s, located on The Hill at the intersection of Daggett and Boardman, has been serving the St. Louis community since 1957, making it the oldest restaurant in this historically Italian neighborhood. The establishment is housed in a building dating back to 1901, initially purposed as a residence, but now a cornerstone for delectable Italian cuisine in St. Louis. The authentic Italian offerings at Rigazzi’s include toasted ravioli, pasta dishes, a variety of pizzas, and seafood, reflecting the rich culinary traditions of Italy.

Notably, Rigazzi’s was acknowledged for having one of the top ten pizzas in the United States by Bon Appetit magazine. Besides its flavorful menu, Rigazzi’s is famed for its “fishbowls” of Busch beer, a unique feature that adds to its character and appeal. The ambiance is inviting, and the reasonable price points resonate with a broad spectrum of diners.

Rigazzi’s operates from Monday to Thursday between 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and on Fridays and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m., accommodating the schedules of its patrons. The restaurant strives to ensure that every customer leaves with a satisfying and memorable dining experience, embodying the warm and hospitable spirit of The Hill.

Bottom Line

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The Hill neighborhood in St. Louis is a treasure trove of Italian culinary heritage, where each restaurant narrates a unique tale of tradition and gastronomy. While this locale is a haven for Italian cuisine lovers, those with a penchant for other international flavors might also find delight in exploring nearby eateries, perhaps venturing into some acclaimed Chinese restaurants nearby. The eclectic mix of dining options encapsulates the spirit of St. Louis as a diverse and vibrant culinary destination, promising a delightful dining experience to both locals and visitors alike.

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